An Interview with EssayShark Writer being a legit paper writing service  has provided help with all types of research-based projects for more than seven years. We’ve managed to improve our service and introduce dozens of innovative features to make clients-writer cooperation more effective and convenient. One can get to know much about the customers’ points of view toward our service. However, the attitude and impressions of the writers always stay behind-the-scenes. So, we’ve decided to find out from one of our writers (with the nickname “leroyk”) about his experience, impressions, suggestions, and challenges, as well as his advice for prospective freelance writers and plans for the future. Enjoy reading our interview.

  • How long have you been working for

I have worked with EssayShark for 3 years now.

  • Have you worked for other online academic assistance services before?

Yes, I worked with another academic writing company before joining EssayShark. I haven’t looked back since then.

  • What was your first impression on the site?

The thought of working without a third party was somehow strange to me at first. I never thought that was possible.

  • What academic disciplines do you specialize in?

English and most social sciences like business, history and sociology.

  • What sources do you use in your work? Any programs or online resources?

I have subscribed to a number of online libraries. I have also been able to get access to a number of university libraries that offer a variety of sources for the books my clients need.

  • Have your writing skills improved since working with

Yes. As a writer, one needs to up his game in this competitive field. The clients want to get the best scores possible and client demands cannot be achieved while lying down. This EssayShark system has enabled me to understand what clients want, what their professors expect and in the long run improve on my writing.

  • In your opinion, what are advantages/disadvantages of bidding system?


  1.  Writers have a chance to charge fees that correspond to the demands of a paper.
  2.  Writers are in a position to get clarifications from clients when the instructions are ambiguous.
  3.  Writers are able to gauge the types of clients they are dealing with. Client profiles are also available. This allows writers to avoid clients with warnings or those having a tendency to cancel orders without adequate reasons to warrant cancellation.


  1.  There are so many “fake” orders and one can spend time reading the instructions, bidding and trying to talk to a client who does not even reply to the chat messages.
  2.  Some clients take too long to release the fees in parts and yet one has to deliver the full paper on time.
  • What role does your rating play? Does it help you get more new orders?

There is a variety of roles for my ratings

  1.  A new client or someone I have not worked with before will choose me as his writer as he can see the ratings and comments of other clients about the quality of my services.
  2.  On a personal level, if a particular client rates me anything but a 10, I get a chance to go back to my work and see what I did wrong, be it in the communication with the client or the quality of the work itself.
  3.  The number of completed orders vis-a-vis the canceled ones is a huge plus, especially for urgent orders. It gives the client confidence that I can finish the work in the stipulated timeline.

All these features coupled together, not only act as encouragement that I am doing the right thing, it also maintains a constant flow of customers who are interested in my services.

  • Have you been granted any awards on our site?

Yes, a number of times.
I have had awards for timely completion of orders, over 800 orders rated 8.5/10 (on average), quality proofreading, among others.

I am still doing my best to get the writer of the month award. That has remained elusive but it’s a challenge that I am delighted to have.

  • On, you can communicate with your customer directly in chat. Does it make the process of writing an order easier when no third party is involved in your communication?

Yes, it does. It’s one of the main reasons I love this site. Not only does a client get a chance to communicate with the actual person doing the writing, he can see the progress of the work. It saves time, as a client does not wait until the writer is done with the work to see what was done. This also helps the writer not waste time doing the wrong thing.

Personally, there is nothing much a third party adds to the quality of work, as the third party only acts as a messenger. The client will also be ill-at-ease, not knowing whether the writer got the message or understood what the client wants. With this system, it is a direct communication, where both parties have a chance to get feedback and ask for clarifications, if need be.

  • Have you ever been fined? Were those fines fair? Did they help you reconsider your behavior and improve on the quality of your services?

Yes, I was once fined and the incident still lingers in my mind to date.
I was multitasking while bidding for an order. I was also chatting with a friend and wanted to give him the address of another colleague of mine. I mistakenly pasted it in the chat. I realized it and removed the bid immediately. I was sure the client did not see it, but the support team did. Though I explained the incident, I was told I would be fined so the mistake would not happen again.

It actually helped, as I never multitask again. I lost $20 due to a single mistake and the thought that it was avoidable helps me beat myself up and be keener with my work. Maybe if I had not been fined, I would not be this careful, so on this light, the fine made me better at my work.

  • What position do you hold in the Top writers list? How did you manage to attain this position?

I am third in terms of the number of orders completed. I have 1,526 orders completed.

I have attained this by always striving to better the quality of my work and by having good communication with my clients to ensure that I remain their writer of choice.
I also try to be online as much as possible so that my clients can find me available whenever they come to either collect their work, or place a new order.

  • On, the best writers are selected each month based on a number of quality criteria. What are selection criteria? Do you personally follow these quality criteria in your papers?

I know that Essayshark looks at the turnaround time for orders, ratings given by clients and the writer has to have completed at least 30 orders per month.

I actually look at these awards as a prize for which the company says that recognize the writers’ hard work. However, on a broader view, the client comes first. To ensure my clients come back for more, I have to give high quality work, original papers and timely delivery. These three tenets dominate my thoughts every time I go to write my papers. Although I am yet to win the award, I know the day will come, but I have seen better rewards, as clients keep asking for my services. That appreciation and trust of clients fuels my everyday life as a writer. I would never want to fail them in any of these areas.

  • What are the most difficult challenges you’ve faced on

Dealing with fraudulent clients. There are a few and occasionally one meets comes across them, which is very discouraging. Some of them want a preview to show the writer understands the instructions, but when you give them the preview, they run off to do the job themselves. Others pay for the first part, and not the second part and never come back to release the final part of the fee. I am forced to keep trying to reach the client for two weeks or else lose that part of the fee. However, it’s never a perfect world and I understand that even with one of the best system support teams, there are some issues that even EssayShark (legit custom writing service) cannot avoid.

  • Are you planning to continue your writing career on

Most definitely.
It is what puts food on my table. My mind has also developed the urge to research and know more. I love what I do and I love working in the comfort of my home office. Nothing beats that! I plan to start lecturing in a few years but the good thing with this is that it corresponds with what I do. So, I plan to be a writer for a long time to come.

  • Do you have any goals you want to achieve as a freelance writer on

Other than increasing my daily order intake, I would love to bring in more writers to the company. I love teaching fellow graduates who are young and have the potential for being good writers. My goal is to see them succeed like I have or even better my best. I would also love to earn more and invest it elsewhere to help me in my latter years when the body will demand retirement.

  • Have you ever thought of writing your own stories, novels, etc.?

Every now and then I do peer counseling and motivational speaking. It would be a dream come true if one day I come up with a book to encourage a lost soul out there. Robert  Kiyosaki is a great mentor. If I were able to write a good success story about myself like he did, I would die a happy man.

  • As an experienced writer, what advice could you give to all applicants willing to start their writing career with our company?

I would tell them that money should never be the main motivator for going into a writing career. One has to have a better goal like being prepared for something greater. Learning more, gaining appreciation for work well done, unearthing new mysteries, and so on. When I was starting, there were barely a hundred writers and we didn’t have much work to do. But, with time, I have become a better writer, and I have made a career out of this. It is only through determination to succeed and keeping focused on what I love doing that I have made this career.

Thank you!

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