Key Aspects of a Good Narrative Essay

A narrative essay gives the writer the opportunity to share a story. Narrative essays are usually described as anecdotal, personal and experiential.

The Thesis

The narrative essay has a personal approach, but still an argument has to be presented in the initial paragraph in the form of the thesis.
The thesis presents the idea based on a personal experience and it should be a one-sentence statement that is debatable, not a fact that is based on a generalization.

The Introduction

The introductory paragraph presents the overall topic of the essay. The first paragraph should define the overall topic. The introduction explains why the topic is relevant to the audience and ends with the thesis.

The Body

The body of a good narrative essay has to be written in chronological order, presenting
anecdotal examples of an idea in the order they occur. Each supporting detail presented in the thesis should be addressed by a paragraph in the main body of your essay. Each of these paragraphs should contain a topic sentence to let the readers know which detail to address.

The Conclusion

The concluding paragraph of your essay tells the final action of the event. It should also include the moral of the story and the analysis of why the event or series of events were significant to the writer and to the lesson learned.

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