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Learn to Write the Best AP Lang Synthesis Essay with Us

An AP Lang synthesis essay is a form of persuasive essay that requires collecting materials and ideas from diverse sources and creating your own thesis statement and using collected information to back up your point of view. In order to write a high level synthesis essay, it is necessary to be able to process material and introduce it in a structured manner.

Comprehend the Whole Idea of a AP Language Synthesis Essay

The main concept of this essay is to create strong interrelations between different works, with the purpose to present and support the main thesis statement of the topic. In addition, when you provide the research for your essay, you should look over the relations you can build from the information for the perspective of your topic.

Consider a Position

After you collected the material for the essay, think about your own opinion on the topic but do not overthink it. Consider that your point of view can be “against”, “for”, and “partial” (this means that you partially agree or disagree).

Form a Thesis Statement

From the moment you’ve provided your own research and developed your point of view,
you have to formulate your position into an appropriate thesis statement. To build an appropriate thesis statement, paraphrase the subject and supply your own opinion on a topic in one sentence. Put your thesis either in the opening part of your introduction or as the last sentence of first paragraph.

Choose Your Tone

It is important to select an appropriate tone while writing a synthesis essay. For instance, an intentional type of tone is a proving of the experience of the writer. Therefore, analyze all types of tones and choose the most appropriate for you.

Structure Your Essay

Try not to build an essay structure using only five paragraphs. Write paragraphs till you think it is sufficient to convince readers in your point of view. It is important to write an introduction and conclusion, but you can also add as many paragraphs as you consider needed.

Your introduction should include:

– An opening sentence with engaging information.
– A clear, identified issue.
– A concise and direct thesis statement.

The things to put in body paragraphs:

– Include a reason to support your thesis statement.
– Add a clarification of your reason, if necessary.
– Add particular supporting details (quotes).
– Document all used sources.
– Explain the importance of your supporting details.

Conclude your essay with:

– Explanation of the significance of reasons and evidence.
– Thoughtful ending (It could be even philosophical).

Write an Outline for the Essay

With the help of your own opinions, quotes, and your evidence, you can write a profound outline. However, do not overthink it; create a logical “map” that shows the main direction of your essay.

Writing a synthesis essay is time-consuming and difficult task. In order to understand the whole concept of this essay, order it online at and use it as an appropriate example of what your synthesis essay should look like. We guarantee that our expert writers will write essays according to all your requirements.

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