Make Your Argumentative Research Paper Strong!

A great argumentative research paper has the power to make people agree with your point of view and change their minds concerning it. Some people are strongly secure in their beliefs. Therefore one should use strong arguments to persuade them in opposite or similar opinions.

An argumentative reseach paper aims to present a central idea from one side and make you believe in it. The usage of logical arguments is critical for this type of writing, as you are required to present structured and thoroughly research data, somehow making it coherent for readers. Artfully and sensibly expressed arguments will persuade the reader in your point of view. The most crucial things in writing are:

  • Usage of different types of arguments.
  • Logical, persuasive techniques to make your readers interested.
  • Topic and thesis statement presentation.
  • Relevant and informative arguments for supporting your opinions.
  • Thorough research and effective bookmarking.

Types of Arguments

Let’s pay special attention to the types of arguments you can use to support your point of view and make your case:

1. A Rogerian argument always starts with the basic idea the writer wants to share with readers. Later the position is proved to be valid and researched on the matter of difference from people’s common viewpoint. It is a kind of negotiation argument – you should not disagree with a widespread opinion, but explain the validity of your viewpoint.

2. Toulmin argument. It is a kind of practical strategy commonly known in life situations. One should find a claim of interest at first and then provide an explanation for it. It is not necessarily to reinvent the wheel – one is required to justify the existing ideas. The formula of success is:

Claim → Data → Warrant → Qualifier → Backing → Rebuttal

This is a description of the way real people argue and prove their viewpoints.

3. Classical argument. This is the most “ancient” way to persuade people of your opinion. Start it in an interesting manner, provide relevant evidence, taking into consideration opposite points of view. The classical argument presupposes the usage of five main parts:

Introduction → Confirmation → Concession → Refutation → Conclusion.

Use this in the particular order that meets the needs of your readers.
You can check out whether your arguments are reasonable and strong enough by answering the following questions:

  • Do I express my ideas sufficiently?
  • Did I use relevant analogies and stereotypes?
  • Did I have enough opinions?
  • Is my conclusion logically connected with my arguments?
  • Was my language too emotional language?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics to Consider

A large variety of potential topics can be found anywhere – in magazine headlines, Web posts, TV, and so on. You can get started with any controversial idea. Here is a list of suggested topics:

  • The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes (it is one of the most popular arguments among controversial topics).
  • Usage of genetically modified food and its effect on people and the environment.
  • The impact of birth control pills on women’s health.
  • The impact of computer technologies on young learners – help or distraction.
  • Compulsive counseling for married couples before divorces, etc.

There are tons of controversial topics you can write about in your argumentative research paper no matter what types of arguments and what writing strategy you choose. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with academic writing. We will help you to cope with all the difficulties and will provide top-notch quality help.

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