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Marketing Case Study Sample

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1. Mentoring and coaching.

a. Describe what mentoring is and who could be used as a mentor.

Mentoring refers to the supportive and formal process whereby an experienced individual encourages people to manage their personal learning so that they may be able to use their potential to the maximum, develop their own skills, progress their performance as well as turn to be the person they purpose to be. A mentor refers to a guide who is in a position to assist the mentee to find the appropriate direction and who is as well in a position to assist them to come up with solutions to things that have to do with career. Any experienced member of the same career can be used as a mentor. Mentors depend on having had the same experiences as those of the mentees to obtain empathy with the person being mentored and be able to understand their issue.

b. In what situation would you use or appoint a mentor? 

Mentors are very important in situations that individuals need to boost their confidence and assist them believe in themselves. Mentors are particularly important when individuals are confused about their careers and need guidance. They therefore go to mentors who have gone through the same situations and managed to emerge as winners.

c. Describe what coaching is. 

Coaching refers to a process that makes it possible for learning as well as development to occur hence improvement of performance. It is a process that helps people recognize particular goals and accomplish the goals easier and faster.

d. In what situation could a person benefit most from coaching? 

Coaching is important when an individual wants to enhance knowledge as well as ability. This instances need motivation and coaching will best serve this. A person could benefit most from coaching when the individuals accepts that he or she is in need of help and ready to trust and be guided by another person.

e. Describe the differences between the role of a mentor and a coach.

The roles of a mentor and those of a coach differ in many ways. A mentor makes it possible for an individual to follow in the course of a wiser and older colleague who is in a position to pass on experience, knowledge and bring about opportunities. Coaching however, is not in general performed based on the direct experience that the coach has on the formal occupational role of the client unless it is specific and only focuses on the skills. Whereas a mentor shows an individual the way, a coach follows the trail of the individuals’ dreams.

2. Learning styles.

Read the case study of team member profiles at the end of this assessment.

a. For each of the three persons described in the case study, what is the predominant learning style (visual, auditory. kinesthetic) of each individual? List the clues given in the case study.
Justify your answers and include references to your research.

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Gino is a kinesthetic learner. He illustrates every point with his hands meaning that he frequently uses gestures. He as well loves to know what everyone is up to which makes him make many movements. He copies notes but does not go through them meaning that he depends on direct experience. Gino fidgets and has good communications skills. These characteristics make him a kinesthetic learner.

Maria is a visual learner. She develops the visit schedules for customers on maps and charts that she enjoys using. She overlooks tasks given verbally and finance is not one of the areas she likes.

Graham is an auditory learner. He can manage many tasks at the same time and remain focused. He can articulate new information he has briefly learnt. Graham prefers direct interaction and gets bored doing the same thing for a long time.

b. If you were arranging training/professional development sessions, describe some strategies that you would look for in the program delivery descriptions, notes/handouts and study materials, which might assist the learning of a person favoring each learning style. Describe at least three for each learning style.

1. Graham: considering the fact that he manages many tasks at the same time, one can train him by incorporating many teaching strategies for instance lecturing and illustrating using forms of media such as television.

2. Maria: Maria learns well through the things that she sees. A video would therefore be an appropriate method of instruction for her. She can as well learn well by studying charts as well as PowerPoint presentations.

3. Gino: Gino would learn well by a trainer who uses facial expressions as well as gestures. A lecture would as well be an appropriate method for him, since he cannot read the notes he copies, he therefore needs to listen.

3. Develop teams and individuals. 

Consider the scenario and your team’s profiles in the case study.

a. In relation to the profiles in the case study, outline relevant competencies
that you feel will be of value if included in the professional development
needs of each individual. Justify your response…

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