Masculinity and Fast Food Essay

Have it Your Way: Fast Food the Way to Earning Your Masculinity

After reading the article, one of the themes that as evident was that of masculinity in TV advert. In this poster to demonstrate how masculinity is related to meat and fast foods, I came up with an amusing advert. The advert shows how men figure out their body while taking fast foods. One the other side of the poster it shows how men feel when they are feeding on fast foods; they feel like they are feeding on meat-raw meat. The poster purposely promotes masculinity which is not commonly linked with fast foods. Fast foods are commonly viewed as girly, hence, to change that perception in this poster the following words were used “Have it your way: Fasy food The way to Earning your Masculinity”.

To emphasize on masculinity, I developed a poster with three personalities. These personalities are a man taking a fast food, and just above him to personalities one depicting what he feels like he is consuming and the other showing how he views his body. In the poster, I choose masculine and a strong man enjoying a fast food. In addition, I purposely concentrated on highlighting the meat in the fast food to depict health. A careful look at the picture shows that the man is feed on the inner part which has meat. Meat is commonly associated with strength and good health. A diet with meat is considered of higher value compared to one with vegetables. The poster also emphasizes much on power. The image in the far right top corner demonstrates power and masculinity. The poster emphasizes more on meat despite the food he is feeding on comprising of vegetables and starch. By using a male figure in the poster I intended to show how it is every man’s desire to achieve their fantasy live. This as shown in the poster can be achieved by taking fast food. The post depicts that the men in the poster are free from consequences of life. They do not regret taking fast food because as shown in the advert it is not a wrong decision. The advert portrays masculinity gives men freedom to everything.

To emphasize on masculinity, I chose a man who is driving. The man is driving while taking his food. This brings a theme of being able to achieve what he wants anywhere anytime. In the poster I carefully chose individual who are happy and purposely enjoying their meal…

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