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Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage and Its Relation to the Economy

Research indicates that economics is a subject that touches on everybody’s life directly or indirectly. However, few people can tell what the term economics means. There is not a short sentence that wholly tells of what economics entails. The definition of this field has varied from a generation to another based on the introduction of new concepts linked to economics as well as innovative technologies. The definitions to this subject are numerous and may vary based on a given field to another (Wessels 10). This document will critically address minimum wages, its pros, and cons as well as a comparison of the minimum wage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

There is perhaps no greater intellectual dissonance concept than that which prevails between the view that economic experts and non-economic experts have about the minimum wage law. According to the latter, the most recently articulated by Chief executive Clinton is an attempt to advance the close of treatment from $5.15 to $6.15. This decree appears between the poor working people in America and an ongoing loss in the purchasing power of their incomes (Neumark and William 14). The lowest salary triggers unemployment for the inexperienced. Far from gaining from them, it is beneficial harm to those at the bottom of the performing market.

Unfortunately, the salary that most people receive is less than their total expenses. In fact, no difference prevails between income and prices. Quite simply, a salary is the price at which the workers confirmed to perform for and one that the company agrees to pay. Therefore, the regulations of demand and supply regulate income, and the lowest salary is nothing more than a price floor which certainly causes an overflow in labor. In countries like India, the minimum wage has two counterbalancing results. In fact, it increases perform expenses for companies, thereby having a potentially poor effect on careers. However, it increases to pay for workers, increasing the motivation to perform. One might think that these beneficial results on the offset of labor rules have balanced side results on company need to perform. That said, one is not likely to know the whole story; the overall impact of a low salary on a career is the complicated result of the impact on performing expenses, efficiency, perform provide, and a lot of other factors.

Pros and cons of minimum wage

In presidential and Congressional strategies, the issue of increasing the minimum wage is often raised — most Conservatives and many Democrats battle on the development of the minimum wage limit. Some economic experts believe it should be eliminated altogether; in other terms, companies would be able to pay $1 or $7 hourly if they desired, supposing they would locate individuals willing to offer services at such rates. This research investigates the benefits and drawbacks of the economists’ recommendation. The greater parts of economic experts believe the minimum wage influences a number of issues. The essential concept of business economics is ‘demand and supply.’ In such a case, it means that the supply of employees goes up as the salary goes up, and the need for employees by companies goes down as the salary goes up. For example, if a cleaning job were to pay $100 hourly, many individuals would want the job. If the salary were $1 hourly, the demand would lower.

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People with little or no skills take over 95% of minimum wage duties. These are students, workers in training, interns and part-timers among others. One cannot work under minimum wage and possibly support a family with such a job. These tasks are general roles demanding little or no coaching that can be crammed by almost anyone. Many learners, part-timers, and other younger employees are willing to take much less than the standardized minimum wage, especially if it is an academic-related job. Most people have it that having a job when younger calls for principles such as self-discipline, effort, and liability (Cushman 58). This trains younger employees on how to handle money and relate with other individuals. Thus, as a community, it is important to increase the number of youngsters that work, even if it is for little income. Actually, making low income provides additional inspiration to go to greater education or obtain innovative job abilities with other techniques. Increasing the minimum limit to $7 or more will definitely help some individuals in trying to boost one’s family members financially, but it harms those that progressively rely on minimum wage. It simply means limited low-skill jobs for those that actually need them.


The effective amount that improves access to jobs happens when the margin cost (MC) curve and the demand curve intersect. When the demand curve is over the MC curve, desire to get paid for a given job surpasses the probability of getting a similar job with minimum wage. When the demand curve is below the Marginal cost curve, desire to get paid for a particular job is less than the probability of getting a similar job, so it is ineffective to decrease the minimum wage.

Almost no one wants to enroll in a minimum salary job for their lifetime. People want greater salaries and more exciting tasks. But it has proven quite hard to get one. Even if one has obtained excellent or unique result level, one may not be able to get the job he wants. The most typical query in a job interview would be “What experience one has.” Job seekers are then exposed to the no-win scenario “one cannot get a job without having experience, but one cannot get some experience without being enrolled in the job market.” If the society allows companies to pay minimum wage, they will offer more possibilities to jobseekers with no experience, making it a win-win scenario. The business can take on additional employees at an affordable cost. The job seeker can obtain useful experience that can be used to get an affordable, high-paying job later on. In the next several years the society is likely to experience a lack of trained employees in technological innovation, medical care, and other complicated areas. The government needs to offer individuals as many possibilities to understand and obtain experience as possible…

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