Need a Great College Book Report in a Matter of Hours?

During your high school classes, writing a book report meant just concluding what was in the text. At university, contrarily, the professor will ask you not only to show the knowledge of the text, but to know how to analyze it, think critically, and explain deeper meanings that aren’t lying on the surface.


Therefore, we developed some recommendations that will certainly help you writing a book review.

Take Notes

When you are reading a book to write a report, it is important to take notes. At first, you will note only your thoughts and showings that have occurred when reading the book. As you continue, you’ll want to remember specified patterns that appear throughout the book. You should find what the author wanted to say that is not stated directly. Stress sentences you think are interesting, because you’ll probably quote them later in your report.

Create a Thesis Statement

A perfect thesis statement for a book report should be a concrete and arguable confirmation
about the text you have read. Remember that you should prove your thesis statement with the facts from the book. It is not right to write whatever you think about a book, you mujst show specific parts of the text to prove your thesis. It should not be based on personal feelings; it has to come from the text itself.

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