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Gay Marriage Essay Topics for Quality Writing

Argumentative gay marriage essay topics

  1. Should there be a constitutional amendment that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry?
  2. Why should gay marriage be legalized in all 50 states?
  3. Is gay marriage a victory for queers?
  4. What are different religions’ (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) actions towards gay marriage in addition to my personal opinion towards the topic at the end?
  5. Is gay marriage protected under the right to privacy?
  6. Should gay marriage be lawful?
  7. Is gay marriage good for society as a whole?
  8. Why do you want to change gay marriage law?
  9. Should gay marriage be legalized in Africa?
  10. Argument for gay marriage based on taxes benefiting married couples.
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Compare and contrast research topics on gay marriage

  1. Compare and contrast family values vs why gay marriage is good for America.
  2. Compare and contrast two views of gay marriage.
  3. Compare same sex marriage to traditional marriage.
  4. Compare and contrast homosexual and heterosexual relationships.
  5. Compare the theoretical and applied aspects of gay marriages.
  6. Compare rights of gay couples and heterosexual couples.
  7. Compare sexual orientation and gender identity.
  8. Compare LGBTQ marches and political movements.
  9. Compare treatment in the workplace of homosexuals and heterosexuals.
  10. Compare gay parenting and parenting of heterosexual couples.

Discussion topics on gay marriage

  1. Mike Huckabee offers support to a Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses. Discuss.
  2. Discuss whether gay marriage is a civil right or civil liberty.
  3. Discuss legalization of gay marriage in Texas.
  4. Discuss gay marriage as a social issue.
  5. Discuss the accelerating acceptance of gay marriage in the 21st century.
  6. Discuss why gay marriage is immoral.
  7. Discuss gay marriage and effects of child rearing.
  8. Discuss why gay marriage is inevitable.
  9. Discuss gay marriage in religions.
  10. Discuss who can be called gay.

Tips on how to choose gay marriage essay topics

tips on how to choose gay marriage essay topics

Same-sex marriage status around the world

Unlike same-sex marriage, where all legal norms of same-sex and heterosexual families are the same (including the issues of adoption of children), same-sex civil partnerships or same-sex civil unions are limited in legal rights.

Such restrictions are different and individual for each country, but they have common features: same-sex unions have the same legal rules on property rights and the right to inherit as heterosexual couples, but there are restrictions on adoptions of children, restrictions on artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood, and other forms of registration of union-marriage.

The controversial status of same-sex marriage in countries:

  • Costa Rica

In July 2013, the legislative assembly (Parliament) of the country accidentally voted for amendments to the law “On Youth.” Whereas previously the family code on civil marriage for Costa Ricans aged 15 to 35 years referred only to marriage between men and women, and now it includes the words: “the right to recognition without discrimination of human dignity.”

This formulation legalized same-sex marriages. Realizing what happened, the deputies appealed to President Laura Chinchilla to use her veto, but the head of the republic refused to correct the mistakes of the legislators and signed the law. It is possible to enter into same-sex marriages in Costa Rica, but de facto authorities can prohibit it, and the courts support the authorities, relying on the fact that almost 73% of Costa Rican people do not support the idea of same-sex marriages.

In September 2013, a family court in San Jose dismissed the suit of a homosexual couple living together for six years. The men wanted to make their relationship as a “de facto marriage,” but the judge refused. At present, the issue of legalizing same-sex marriage is being discussed in parliament.

  • Part of the states in Mexico

In June 2015, the Supreme Court of Mexico recognized the ban on same-sex “marriages” contrary to the Constitution, thus, by right, the Supreme Court lifted restrictions on same-sex marriage throughout Mexico. The judge of the Supreme Court of Mexico, Olga Sanchez, demanded that all the states of Mexico, where same-sex marriages are still prohibited, should legalize them as soon as possible. To date, six states and Mexico City have legally executed the decision of the Supreme Court and legalized same-sex marriage.

Same-sex unions are recognized de facto in the following countries: Israel, Venezuela, China (since 1997), Hong Kong (since 1991), Japan (since 1980), Mongolia (since 2002), and North and South Korea.

For example, in Israel neither gay marriage nor any other form of same-sex cohabitation is conducted. However, Israel recognizes same-sex marriages of its citizens who marry abroad. The most popular places for gay marriages are Canada and the United States, after which it is registered in Israel.

  • Aruba. Here gay marriages conducted in the Netherlands are admitted.
  • Since July 2017, in Armenia, same-sex marriages conducted abroad are valid.
  • In May 2017 The High Court of Taiwan lifted the ban on same-sex marriage in the country, as the ban violates two articles of the civil code, infringing the rights of sexual minorities. According to the court decision, the government should adopt relevant laws within two years. Otherwise, after this period, same-sex couples will be automatically allowed to register marriages.
  • In Bermuda, the Supreme Court decision in May 2017 allowed same-sex marriages. But the court’s decision was negatively assessed in society, in particular, protest actions took place in front of the parliament building. And in February 2018, the Bermuda governor signed a law providing for the abolition of the right of homosexual couples to enter into marriage.

As you can see, gay marriages are a popular topic today. Students are often assigned papers to write about it. If you are one of them, check out gay marriage topics for essays presented above.

Thesis statement examples for gay marriage essays

Thesis statement examples for gay marriage paper

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