Political Science Essay Sample

Earth Days

In this movie, the earth was considered to be very important since by protecting it, people would have better lives in the future. It would ensure that their descendants would live good lives because the earth would be a better place. Therefore, it was important to reduce environmental pollution and make sure that all species were well taken care of.

In 1970, the very first earth day turned out to be very successful. An agency for protecting the environment emerged as a result of this day. A few acts were passed. The acts targeted clean air, endangered species and clean water. This was a great step in protecting the environment. However, there are still other ways to ensure there is little to waste, and use other energy ways.

Gaylord Nelson used programs, for example, operation mainstream. These programs helped in raising a lot of money that was used to create conservation jobs and train the elderly and the poor people on how to create a good environment for living.

04.22.70 is a very significant day in history. This is because it was the earth day. This is the day when millions of people were called together, and they were taught on the importance of maintaining earth. It is a day when acts that had the aim to create a better earth were introduced. It is a day that will always be remembered because it had a great impact on a new earth. For the people to have viable political units, cooperation is required. This is because when people work together, they are able to do greater things that would have been different if they did it individually.

The movement did not only involve the protection of the environment. It also meant that the people would have better living conditions since they had a better environment. It also guaranteed that the descendants to come would not have many problems with the planet earth. The dirty dozen were the congressmen who were not ready to unite with the people in the fight for the protection of the environment. These people’s records on the policy of environment were tarnished.

The dirty dozen were people who did not support the idea of environmental protection. They did not care about the conservation of the environment since their environmental policies were not good at all. They were also a team of congressmen. After fulfilling needs, growth does not bring more satisfactions. This is because growth also leads to the pollution of the environment in one way or another. It does guarantee there will not exist further problems in the environment.

People fail to realize the harm they cause to the environment because these are not things that can be physically seen. For example, when harmful gases are emitted to the environment, the impact is not directly seen. However acidic rain will be formed which is a great disaster to the environment.

Growth should be limited because when the population growth is at a high rate, the environment is also at stake. This is because the available space and resources are too small to maintain the large amount of people present. The resources are also scarce to be shared among the people; thus some get less. Population growth is also a contribution to poverty. This should be controlled in order to reduce the poverty rate. Alternative energy was important since it could not do any harm to the environment. It would use the resources that were already available and it was renewable thus it would help in saving…

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