PowerPoint Presentation Ideas that Will WOW Your Audience

Cool PowerPoint templates and content are one of the most in-demand things not only for college and university students, but also among business people. Therefore, boring slides and traditional tools won’t work, if you want to impress your classmates, client, coworkers, business partners, investors, and so on. A PowerPoint presentation should look impressive if you want your viewers of your presentation to remember its contents. Giving a presentation new life, breath and an attractive look is your responsibility, so do your best to achieve your aims. To move in the right direction, one should know the most widespread mistakes to avoid:

  • Lack of passion, research and preparation. Very often people fail not because of a lack of practice or poor PowerPoint presentation ideas, but because of a lack of understanding of the subject and audience’s tastes.
  • Low quality images, too complex info and unclear message can lead you to failure.
  • Too little white space without a focus on the main information. “Empty” space is one of the most important tools in your presentation to make the audience interested in significant ideas.
  • Too much text. In case you have to say a lot, present your information in various ways – schemes, diagrams, infographics, etc.

6 Rules of Cool PowerPoint Templates

  1.  Maximum 6 words per slide.
  2.  No low-quality images. Choose stock photos for your presentations.
  3.  No spins.
  4.  No standard sound effects from the program.
  5.  Slides should only support your speech, not vice versa.
  6.  Break the rules and cliches.

New PowerPoint Presentation Ideas to Impress Your Audience

In general, a PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid to support your speech that makes it more attractive. Of course, you know about the size and types of fonts, high-quality images, understandable content and so on. Present up-to-date effects, which will make your presentation more attractive and original.

  • 3D effects. Recently it has become easy to create impressive pictures without using external image editing tools. Three dimensional images will enhance your presentation and will give it a fresh look.
  • Animation and sound effects can add more excitement to cool PowerPoint presentation templates. They help to make an emphasis on key points and present information in a creative way. The dynamic effects will not let your audience get bored and will keep listeners more engaged.
  • Animated GIFs. GIF animation is a widely used tool for catching audience’s attention and supporting arguments. You can use free and simple programs to export them to your PowerPoint presentation, or create them yourself.
  • Infographics. They are an easy and quick way to present complex ideas and facts in an interesting way. Keep in mind that some services allow one to save infographics an an image, so you can easily add them to your presentation.
  • Video and audio. Add a moderate amount of sound and video to your PowerPoint presentation in order not to confuse your audience. Use them to attract attention, to educate, to get some rest, or to support your ideas.
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