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Presentation Example: The Advantages of Usage of LinkedIn

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Specific purpose: To present the audience the advantages of LinkedIn and persuade to use it.

Central idea: LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool and a useful source for inspiration and insights, which will enable you either to create an advanced personal profile, or find people and companies you need.


I. Social networks are not only a source of entertainment. LinkedIn, as a world’s professional networking tool, holds in store numerous opportunities for your professional life.

II. Isn’t the university period the best time for exploring the most effective business and personal profiles and to use them as an example for creating your own? Or to find a lucrative position for the start-up stage of your professional life?

III. Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is … and tonight I am here to persuade you to use LinkedIn.

IV. How many of you have an account on this social networking web site?

A. Great.

V. For those of you who haven’t created their accounts yet or who haven’t got acquainted with this website, here are 3 reasons for why it is vital for you to get involved in it.

A. It is a powerful search and networking tool to keep up with the time within a particular professional sphere.
B. It is a good place to put your resume and to get noticed by headhunters.
C. It is very convenient for you to use.

VI. I have an account in LinkedIn, and I already experienced numerous advantages of this web site for setting my professional goals and for my professional self-development.

(Transition: Now that I have introduced today’s aims, let’s move on to our first point, namely the use of LinkedIn as a powerful search and networking tool.)

I. Keeping up with the latest tendencies within a particular professional sphere is vital for the personal and professional growth.

II. Involvement in LinkedIn social networking gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with different business and personal profiles from all over the world, acquiring necessary
self-presenting skills, which will be helpful for creating your own resume.

III. University is great – it provides us with a powerful theoretical knowledge base, which is crucial for our proficiency.

A. However, we need some other sources to balance the theoretical base with the practical one, and to participate in the the real world professional cooperation.
1. Involvement in LinkedIn will allow you to safely leverage your networking with numerous professionals and companies, take part in different discussions or get a professional consulting.
2. Using LinkedIn you can search for people by location, field of expertise and other factors, which will help you to find exactly what you want.

(Transition: Now that I have discussed the advantages of LinkedIn in terms of its networking and search possibilities, let’s move on to our next point, which is LinkedIn as a good place to put your resume and to get noticed.)

IV. Involvement in LinkedIn will provide useful examples on how to build your profile and create your resume.

A. It is not enough to have a good qualification and a university degree. There are a lot of people who are also well-qualified and have good experience. Some of the candidates for a particular position can have even higher marks than you.
B. What should be done to improve the resume and make a good presentation of yourself? How can examples of resumes from LinkedIn help you?

V. Information provided in this networking web-site will help you to understand what skills and knowledge are required in a professional sphere you are targeting, and what are the ways to gain them. This will be particularly helpful as a preparation for a job interview…

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