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Red Hat Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


The above code of conduct applies to the Red Hat Company and any other subsidiaries that might be attached to it. These subsidiaries include the business entities are directly controlled by the Red Hat Company irrespective of where they are located across the globe. The Red Hat Company has esteemed directors, employees and officers and this code of conduct serves to outline the legal and ethical standards that they should uphold. For smooth running of daily activities, these stakeholders are expected to master the rules, laws and regulations that apply to their respective working position to avoid any collisions with the code of business conduct and ethics. The intent of this paper is to summarize the contents of the article “Red Hat Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.” The paper also opines on the findings of the author and also discusses the approaches that the author used in this article where applicable.

The code

The Red Hat Company makes it clear in its code of business conduct and ethics that all officers, directors and employees are required to comply with all the rules, laws and regulations that have been outlined in the code. All the stakeholders are advised to report any unbecoming or any illegal activity to the appropriate regulatory authority. The matter is then being discussed internally, and the corrective measures applicable from the company’s code of business conduct and ethics are taken. It is then required that the other stakeholders who feel threatened should not victimize the employee, director or officer who took the step of reporting a violated rule to the authorities in charge. People who report such cases are deemed to do it in good faith and with the interests of the company at heart.

It is imperative that all the stakeholders act in the best interest of the Red Hat Company. This prevents them from taking part in any activity that only serves to fulfill their personal interests rather than that of the company. It is also required of the stakeholders who might hold any inside information regarding the workings of the company to refrain from disclosing such information to a third entity. This inside information becomes more important when it deals with material non-public matters especially of the company’s securities. The information is considered confidential, and the stakeholders are expected to maintain that confidentiality…

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