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Presentation Sample: Why Every American Should Have a US Passport?

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It may seem obvious that a U.S. passport is a must for every sensible American, but still the real situation is far different. Less than a half of the citizens possess this significant document, so I will try to highlight all the existing benefits. A list of benefits include following ones:

  • Convenient and efficient traveling abroad. To speak honestly, your passport is an only piece of documents that will allow to travel abroad, so even if there are exceptions it is much more easier to use it while crossing the border. That is a must for all the cases of “exit from” and “re-entry into” the home country.
  • No damaged or lost documents. Even you prefer your birth certificate, driving license or other pretty inappropriate documents to the passport, it is much more safe and sensible to leave them at home, so as to avoid losses.
  • Easy identification with a valid id photo. Whether you traveling around the world or merely hanging around the local bar, you may definitely need to prove your personality.
  • No visa requirements for entry to some countries. That is evidently the most significant advantage of traveling freely to the more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Apart from these evident benefits related to the formal procedures, along with a U.S. passport you get your legal protection tool as well as a proof of your American citizenship. Therefore, attaining a U.S. passport as soon as possible should be a must for every responsible citizen who cares for its rights.

It may seem obvious that every American should have U.S. passport, but still the real situation is different. Why do you need to have a valid U.S. passport? If you have not come up with any reasonable answer, I will propose the next one: you need it for the sake of improving statistics, because there are only about 39% of the U.S. population possesses one according to the information, issued by the State Department in January of 2013 (Passport Statistics, 2013). Furthermore, the passport can be like a back-up tool in the face of dynamic life changes as you never know what your life tomorrow would be like.

To speak seriously, you should take into account that there are at least four major benefits of obtaining U.S. passport.

First and foremost, it is travel convenience. Any international travel plan would not became reality, if you do not own this document in a convenient form of the book which contains your photo, name, birth date and other personal information meant to be a verification of your identity to the authorities. Whether you traveling by yourself or have your family abroad, or just dreaming about international vacations, or are lucky enough to get a job that implies crossing borders, you will surely need this document. So, the passport is a single document that will effectively solve all the international travel concerns. It will definitely allow to enter you into great deal of countries around the world without a hassle. You should also bear in mind, that there is a federal law to have a valid passport to travel, so there is no way around this requirement. You will wonder but there is no other legal way to take a trip even to Canada without having one…

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