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Process Analysis Essay Sample on Sound Amplifiers

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Consider a situation whereby one needs to Skype with friends, yet one party cannot hear the other. Such situations irritate in case sound signals are not effective. Sound is a vital element of communication in a person’s life. In today’s society, technology enables people to use electronic devices to communicate effectively within the shortest time possible. In each of these communication devices like phones or computers, in order to intensify sound, one requires amplifiers. This means that amplifiers help in increasing the amplitude of different electric signals, which are crucial in sound enhancement (Harris n.d.).

For example, most computers have internal amplifiers, which must be set accordingly, to ensure that sound reaches an audience as desired. Consequently, without the presence of an amplifier, it would be hard for a preacher to pass information effectively to an audience stretched to 200km.

As described earlier, amplifiers transform small electronic signals to a quality sound. When sound is amplified exceedingly, it ends up to noise as people become irritated and noise can damage people’s eardrums. In order to understand how amplifiers work, one can relate the whole process as to how people receive and respond to sound (Reynaert and Steyaert 2006). Whenever an object vibrates, the air particles move around and in the process knock each other. This movement carries the vibration pulse through the air that eventually creates pressure. When air fluctuates, human ear picks these fluctuations, which are turned to electric signals. The electric signals are transmitted to the brain that processes the signals to sound. When the air pressure fluctuates back and forth quickly, sound translated comes at a higher pitch. On the contrary, low pitches occur due to less fluctuation among air particles. In general, amplifiers also translate one signal to another but through different steps as discussed below.

In order for amplifiers to work, certain things should exist within the amplifier, which include microphone diaphragm, power, recorder, and player. When sound travels in an amplifier, the microphone diaphragm, moves back and forth, this movement enable air particles to fluctuate in accordance to power supplied within the amplifier. Additionally, the microphone diaphragm should be sensitive to allow capturing all air pressure fluctuations. In order to achieve this objective, the microphone diaphragm must be thin and move in shorter distances. This will help in ensuring that all vibrant air particles are transformed to electric signals as desired. The power sent to the amplifier needs conversion to direct current (Reynaert and Steyaert 2006). This means that power input should manage to control power output in order to match the amount of vibration signals received within the amplifier. Consequently, for the amplifier to match the input power, the amplifier should modulate the power output but through using higher amplitude. In the end, the vibration will be moderated to avoid noise creation. Within the microphone diaphragm, sound needs encoding for the signals to make sense, this means that the electronic signals are compressed to allow sound translation and production of pleasant sound…

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