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Once in a lifetime each student is assigned to write an academic paper of a proficient level – no matter whether it is a final essay, examination case study or graduation research paper. However, not every student is a good writer or even a researcher. Some of them need research paper writing help, even in creating an outline and choosing the most appropriate topic. Moreover, here comes the real tragedy, finding good themes and huge amounts of information are very difficult and time-consuming tasks. It is high time for curiosity! If you are interested in how to write a paper successfully, try to find out as much information as you can. Even save articles, which from the first sight may seem useless for your research paper writing.


Research Paper Writing in Several Steps

So, you’ve checked a lot of sites and other resources in your discipline and have at least some general idea of what information may interest your professor. Now you have to follow several steps:

  1. Make your decision on one of the topics – for example, you want to research and describe some social effects.
  2. Be more specific about the chosen theme – for example, speak about changes in people’s moods – let’s say –depression.
  3. Be completely specific about the topic – for example, you may write about anhedonia – one form of depression.

Here is a list of research topics to consider:

IT Topics

  1. Methods to Enhance IT Security
  2. New Challenges to IT Management in Health
  3. Gender Issues in the IT Domain
  4. Theories Regarding Computer Imitation of a Human Being
  5. The Impact of Digitization of Medical Records on the IT Domain

History Topics

  1. Consequences of the Cold War
  2. The Most Remarkable Revolutions in History
  3. Has Slavery Changed the Development of the Western World?
  4. The Influence of Strange Medieval Family Laws on Society
  5. Life in London in the 15th Century

Psychology Topics

  1. The Origin of Phobias: Engaging the Monster Within
  2. Are Dreams Messages From Within?
  3. Thinking Mechanisms: It’s All in Your Head
  4. The Function of Short and Long-Term Memory
  5. The Impact of Social Networks and Mental Health
  6. How Depression Impacts the Immune System
  7. A Phenomenon-Oriented Approach to the Study of Depression
  8. How to Handle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
  9. Eating Behaviors in Different Cultures
  10. The Consequences of Insomnia

Education Topics

  1. The Mental Process behind Human Learning
  2. The Interpretation of IQ Test Results
  3. How to Prevent School Bullies and Harassment
  4. Particular Learning Methods for Blind Children
  5. Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Strategy for Education?

Cultural Topics

  1. The Impact of Advertisements on How People Comprehend the World
  2. Social Roles Adults Endorse to Children via Toys
  3. The Origin of Racial Discrimination
  4. The Segmentation and Integration of Humans
  5. Painting a Portrait of the Average American Family

You may complete this action several times and choose one of the variants you like most of all. Moreover, this is not the point where research paper writing begins. Now, you have to concentrate on preciseness. There may be many articles and academic papers on this topic, so try to choose something different from others.

Narrowing down the topic is really simple – you should add several words. For example, “The effects of anhedonia on the life of people in big cities.” The research paper topic now sounds like a complete sentence and a pretty good idea for the discussion. Now, let’s try to make it more arguable and easier to support. How do you find variants like this? “Anhedonia – the problem of people from big cities or the result of their way of life?”

You should devote enough time to choosing a really impressive topic, which can be supported by significant arguments and data, otherwise you can fail with your research paper on the primary steps of writing.

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