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Rhetorical Analysis Paper Example – A Visit to the Mall

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During my visit to the Mall, I saw a lot of interesting things which made me enjoy my trip there. It was a great experience to me because it gave me an opportunity to experience this huge building. All these information is captured in my report without anything left behind. In this analysis, I would like to begin by saying that there was a true presentation of the observations made at the Mall. In the angle of vision, there was both a positive and negative features of the Mall.

As a public space, the Mall provides beautiful scenery for everyone who goes there. According to me, I found out that the place has attractive places such as the jewelry and cloth stores. They are indeed good places with a lot of attractive clothes, jewelries and people to see. These made it so shiny and appealing to my eyes.

On the other hand, the report contains negative observations made during the visit. A part from its pleasant outlook, the Mall never impressed me because it was crowded with lots of people. Usually, I do not like to be in such a crowded place because it makes me uncomfortable. Besides, there were very many children who were running up and down, here and there, causing chaos, shouting and crying more often. They too denied me peace and comfort that I was expecting to get at the Mall. Moreover, the place was full of unpleasant coffee and popcorn. These did not go well with me because I always hate such flavors.

I would like to say that this kind of analysis demonstrates a careful use of language. It shows that the writer is not bias since he can give an accurate observation made at the mall. I used a lot of metaphors while giving my descriptions. For instance, while giving the positive descriptions about the mall, I used terms such as huge, attractive and shiny. These were very important in creating an image in the mind thus making the narration appear real and lively. At the same time, it was like an exaggeration in the manner I admired this mall…

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