Scholarship Essay Writing Contest Finalists

Hi, dear all! We announce that our scholarship essay writing contest is finally finished. Thank you all for devoting your time and taking part in it – we enjoyed reading each of your essays. Your works were touching, inspirational, encouraging, optimistic, and motivational. We learned so much from them and it was a very hard decision to choose only three winners among them. Ultimately, we had to do this.

So, we are happy to introduce the most creative, literate, and original of all the contestants. Here are the three winners:

The 3rd place prize of $150 will be awarded to Allison Monique Heidrich for her essay about the grey office.
The 2nd place prize of $350 will be awarded to Brian Helft for his Christmas story.
The 1st place prize of the amount of $500 will be awarded to…(the pressure is on!) Siobhan Mccall for her inspirational tale about the role of family traditions.

Congratulations! We will contact our winners in the nearest time via email to discuss all the payment details. Have a nice day and happy holidays to you and your family.

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