Science Essay Sample about Genius Mathematicians

Why Aren’t There Any More Super Genius Mathematicians Like Newton, Euler or Gauss?


When it comes to talk about genius mathematics the names of Newton, Euler or Gauss appeared in the minds of most of our contemporaries. Could it mean that since the time of these great mathematics the humanity has not had such a gifted scientists? It sounds rather unrealistic. That is to say that if the mankind has no longer had super genius we would face the process of declaims in science. In the light of fast developing world this has little sense. The fact that their names are somehow unfamiliar for us does not mean that they do not exist. It is in human nature to underestimate the gifted persons of the contemporary.

Firstly, what is a genius? More and more scientists agree that they are made not born. People can became great if they try and put in the exercise five times more then average person. It is not, as it is not born. It happens because some critical things line up so that a person of good intelligence can put in the sustained focused effort it take to achieve extraordinary mastery (Dobbs D.)

Secondly, mathematics has become much more developed and specialized since the time of Newton and Euler. It is so complicated and intense that even a super genius would not be able to contribute significantly to multiple field of mathematics. In the minds of most our contemporaries, so-called modern mathematics hold a high prestige lying somewhere between cybernetics and information theory (Thom R.)

All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that in the modern consuming society many names of modern geniuses are unknown but it does not mean that they do not exist. The point is that society often underestimates geniuses. Nevertheless we should remember about such a great modern mathematics as Terry Tao, Grigori Perelman, John Conway, Paul Erdos. Maybe in the future they will be bestowed the status of super geniuses.


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