Science Essay Sample: Pixar

Why Pixar Ignored Physics and Reality in WALL-E?



When Pixar create WALL-E, the filmmakers ignored physics and all concepts of reality. The film approaches viewers with a philosophy based on many philosophical ideas. These include, according to Post (2010). This eventually leads the viewer to feelings of compassion, or love for humanity. In a world where reality is ever-present, and where physics dominates, it is sometimes difficult for humans to realize their own humanity. This is a reason for Pixar to approach the film in this way.

Humanism according to Post (2010) is a belief that emphasizes human beings as having greater significance than a divine being or supernatural powers. Humanistic beliefs emphasize the value and goodness suggesting that within each human being exists good, and communally the greatest benefit can be realized (Post, 2010). Using these ideals, rationalism is the method by which problems are solved.

In contrast to this there are post-humanists. A post-humanist as Post (2010) suggests, may focus more on envisioning science as a means of enhancing human dignity. This philosophy encourages use of technology and science to modify and enhance humans. Examples may include slowing aging, and create a symbiosis or combined use of humans and of robotics (Post, 2010). What bridges the gap between these philosophies is compassion or love. This is what is demonstrated in WALL-E through the rejection of reality and physics.

Pixar demonstrates that a purely humanistic approach is not always feasible. Humans, when left to their own means, may destroy the world, as is seen in the early scenes in WALL-E. In a post-humanistic world, science can help reduce aging, and create artificial intelligence. But, as is seen in many of the robots that do not have the intelligence of WALL-E and his mate, without consciousness, or mere cloning alone, does not enhance human dignity. One merely reproduces for the purpose of power and control. Ultimately, the message behind Pixar’s movie is one of symbiosis. When one balances humanism and post-humanism, one is left with love and true humanity (even in a robot), the tie that binds both together (Rutherford, 2008). It is WALL-E’s love, even in the face of rejection, that helps save humanity. This is a reason the rules of physics and reality are ignored.


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