Secrets of Writing Good Speeches

Have you ever thought about why some people can keep listeners’ attention, while other speakers leave their listeners bored within the first minutes? Preparing good speeches can take a lot of time and may not yield the results you want – unless you know the secrets of making awesome speeches:

  • They should be emotional in the first turn and only then logical.
  • By doing small shifts in your speech, you will attract your audience’s attention to small details which are important to you.
  • Stick to the “KISS” principle – keep it short and simple.
  • Good speeches express only one idea, having various supporting arguments.
  • By writing a speech, one should answer audience’s needs.

But knowing some secret tips is not enough if you want to write an impressive speech on the topic you were assigned or interested in. Check out our guide to know how good speeches should be written.

Writing a Speech: Advice to Follow

  1.  Speeches should not only be written, but heard. If you have troubles with some ideas, your audience will not understand them too.
  2.  Good speeches need a well-thought structure with an introduction, main body and conclusion. You should announce what you are going to speak about, and carry on the speech in a straightforward manner. Only then will it sound logical and accomplished. It may start as, “I have three points to present in my report. First, … Second, … etc.”
  3.  Prior to preparing your speech, define for yourself the main idea you want your audience to remember. Do your best to make this part the most memorable.
  4.  All good speeches always start with an attention grabber.
  5.  Use techniques which will help to keep your audience interested and make it respond to you. For example, you may repeat the same words at the beginning of each phrase to make a special emphasis.
  6.  Use visuals to support your speech. Try to create some picture in people’s mind, which is related to the main topic of your presentation.
  7.  While writing a speech, prepare supportive references from famous pieces of writing – classical literature, the Bible, poetry, other speeches.
  8.  Conclude your speech with a memorable idea which will be kept in the mind of your audience. Your main message and introduction should work together coherently.

Writing a Speech: Where to Get Help

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