Speech on Moral Values: Importance of Moral Values in Life

^D70E83B25930C2F661765B4A3467EA58CFDB34811FCC8E928A^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrIf you have to give a speech on moral values you need to stress the importance of moral values in life and should not be underestimate them. Here are some arguments you can use in order to present this important subject to your audience.

You might say moral values are important because the Bible teaches us to be moral. In fact, throughout history moral values have been the basis of our education. First parents, then school, and finally universities were teaching us to be kind, honest, sincere, warmhearted, etc. Religion used to be one of the most powerful tools to instill moral values into people. Religion has been losing its influence in many countries around the world. Nowadays it is still important to many, but only for a section of many societies. Moral values are still popular as a discussion topic, but unfortunately they are often no longer important for many people.

The importance of moral values in life is something nobody can honestly disagree with, although today it’s a popular practice. Many famous film and music stars, politicians, and other influential people talk about liberal values – freedom of expression, religious beliefs, a hedonistic way of life, and so on. Their argument is that personal freedom is the most important value to fight for! Nobody can make you do what you do not want to do, so you are free to be cruel or kind, honest, or not – it’s your own choice, and everyone should appreciate it. That’s why it is acceptable to abuse alcohol, take drugs, and be impolite, rude or even cruel – if you want to behave like that, it’s your right. Liberty is the only value!

Of course, liberal values are not that bad. The problem is they somehow ruin the moral background of the society. When the Bible is no more the main teacher of moral behavior, at least, for Christians, there is a risk people will stop considering moral values as important. This is already happening in most liberal democratic countries in contrast to conservative Eastern ones, where the religious influence of Islam is still large. We may discuss the political regimes of those countries, and the exercise of personal freedom and human rights there, but there’s one thing everyone will agree with – they stress the importance of moral values in life; it is the main element of their culture.

Speech on Moral Values and the Importance of Moral Values in Life: Are They Really Important?

In your speech on moral values you need to figure out the real importance of moral values in life. In our modern world of money oriented people it is hard to stay a moral person; however it is not impossible. Many do. Every day we hear that many people are killed by criminals; in some countries they brazenly shoot and kill rival gangs members on the streets all because of money. Money is the value. Not kindness or humanity. Not morals. Greed for money is the sole motivator of these people!

Every day we see how people lie, do everything possible to get the job they want, even it requires that they do something bad, illegal, or immoral.
Young men try to get a girl they want without any thought about moral values. This should help you with material for your speech on moral values. We see the importance of moral values in life, don’t we?

And now, after having a brief speech on moral values, we are ready to write a moral values essay.

Moral Values Essay: Writing Tips

  1. When writing your moral values essay don’t forget to follow the structure. Your essay should include an introduction, a body paragraph and conclusions.
  2. Besides, your moral values essay should present your own point of view on the topic. Actually, you may use the ideas expressed above and support them with your other thoughts.
  3. When summarizing your essay, give your readers a clear conclusion on the importance of moral values in our life.

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