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Term Papers for Sale: Sample

Check one of our religion term paper samples to make sure in papers quality:

Comparison Paper on Christianity and Buddhism

“There has been much written about Buddhism, about its dignity, and even its similarity with Christianity. Nowadays, Buddhism is the most misunderstood religion in society. It is the consequence of 19th century European writers adapting Buddhism postulates as an option to Christianity and transferring its texts to fill Western demands (Hexham). Due to much interest in Buddhism, this paper compares the main principles of this faith with Christianity.

The first question about Christianity and Buddhism will be the obvious one, “What do they say about God”? Opening a Bible to the first page shows the Christian religion recognizes God as the prime cause for all things. As a consequence, the existence of God is an indisputable fact inherent in the consciousness of every Christian. The followers of Christianity perceive God as the creator of everything, to be more exact, as the former of the entire universe (Hexham).

It is a fact that it is difficult to find the word “God” in the Buddhist book. Unlike most world religions that are based on a belief in God, Buddhism does not consider him as the origin of everything (Hexham). According to the Buddhist religion, when our world was forming, there were three elements: water, air, and earth. Therefore, Buddhists say the world appeared not from God, but with participation of liquid (water), gas (air), and solid (earth). In such manner, God is not a creator in the Buddhist religion; the universe appeared with participation of liquid (water), solid (earth) and gas (air). Irving Hexham, Canadian academic and writer, says that Buddhism is a unique religion that recognizes God’s existence in daily life affairs, but in declaring him as the prime origin of all, Buddhism has nothing to do with God.

The world view of Christians and Buddhists critically differs. Christian’s outlook on life considers that the sufferings of humans are the action of God’s love to all human beings on earth. They believe that life is not evil but the highest delight and evil is a violation of divine will that creates suffering in the world. Christianity does not stay apathetic to human sufferings, it proclaims that people are not alone and they are loved by God. Honestly speaking, it is a real consolation for such sensitive creatures like humans. Unlimited perfection by having God as an ideal prototype gives people a meaning of life. The Christian religion declares that love is one of the main purposes of human life on the earth (Hexham).

By contrast, the Buddhist outlook on life is characterized by a gloomy position. Buddhism sees life full of pain and displeasure, without any joy. According to the Buddhist religion, pleasure is not eternal and it can be achieved at the expense of suffering. Joy is an illusion, and even death cannot relieve us from misery. As for Buddhists, man will be reborn as another person after death and will be also in pain all his life.

Buddhism states that suffering is the inevitable fate for every human being (Hexham). People suffer because he/she lives, as life itself is suffering. If humans want to stop feeling the pain of life, he or she must remove the desire to live from the heart and sink into nirvana, where he or she cannot feel life, existence or suffering. Buddhists see themselves and the world around them full of pain and suffering. More specifically, they see people in the world as the creation of consciousness, which is followed by the product of the Great Emptiness. From the Buddhist’s perspective, the world is operating by the karmic law of cause and effect and all the creations, including the gods, comply with this law (Hexham). Moreover, karmic law is blind to everybody and does not know forgiveness. In distinction from Christianity, repentance means nothing in the Buddhist religion. Buddhists look at life through the prism of suffering. By contrast, Christianity proposes an endless delightful human life in heaven. Consequently, these two religions are fundamentally different regarding the most important views on life…”

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