The Secret of Writing a College Essay in Humanities

Oftentimes, a humanities essay is assigned for those students who are undertaking a class in humanities field. The field of humanities studies different aspects of culture in the world. Therefore, humanities essay topics vary significantly in scope, embracing history, sociology, philosophy, cultural values, and art topics.

As a rule, your humanities essay will be supervised by the lecturer of the course you’re taking. Be prepared that a constituent amount of self-study is required for the essay.

The first thing you should think about before writing a college essay is “Whom am I writing my paper for? An instructor who is assigning you an essay is your audience. He or she is your target, reader but not a snarky person who is interested to see only his/her own opinion in your paper. The instructor knows a lot about the topic you are writing about. However, you have to build a strong thesis statement and prove it with arguments in order to convince your reader of your opinion.

Do not even try to fill your paper with garbage because your reader is a person who knows the material at least as good as you. Therefore, your main goal is to prove is to prove your main point of view to your audience and to provide evidence for the standpoint that you want to showcase within your topic..


As for a humanities paper, the introduction of the essay involves your reader in your analysis and offers a thesis statement that formulates the main direction of your arguments. The body of your paper should consist of set references from the text that prove your own point of view. In the conclusion of your essay, you should describe a short summary of what you have presented in the paper. However, you should not simply repeat your thesis statement.


Most students think that writing a college essay is an easy thing. However, as practice shows, it is difficult to write an A level essay. The process of writing a college essay is a challenging task no matter how solid the high school preparation courses were. Academic writing requires expressing complex thoughts that student is life. Therefore, not using in the conventional writing should be trained through practice, feedback, and instruction. The easiest way to write better papers is to revise them constantly. Successful students revise their college essays before turning them in.

There are two extra factors that you should take into consideration while writing a paper: style and grammar. Style is all about self-expression in the paper. Your essay can be written ideally from a technical point of view but , but read as a boring, unimaginative write-up. So, the deeper you explore the topic of the paper, the more your own style appears as a form of self-expression. When checking your grammar, you should adhere to certain rules if you want a reader to understand you. Grammar rules may seem too restrictive, but they teach you how to write the paper well.

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