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The Sound and the Fury Essay

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How did unique ideas of Compson family contribute to the reader’s understanding of The Sound and the Fury?

The present essay deals with the issue of Compson family’s views and their role in revealing the idea of drama. The novel itself is the manifestо of powerlessness of a man in the face of obstacles.

Since the big family experiences the crisis in all parts of life, the family members may be viewed as victims of fate. Taking into account that all the characters have their individual imperfections – it seems that sin is everywhere with them. It is important to know how Compson family perceived the tragedy.

So, the decay is ultimate, and it needs some time to reach the last stage. As Mr. Compson has said that “bad health is the primary reason for all life. Created by disease, within putrefication, into decay” (The Sound and the Fury, 1990, p. 44). There is no healing. Romantic Quentine and idiot Benjamin failed to purify their Caddy. The idea of purification possessed brothers mind whereas the idea of removing clothes dominated over their sister. The endless struggle between ideas mirrors struggle between good and evil.

Another idea represented in this novel is the idea of loss (The Discovery of Loss, 1982). First of all, Compsons gradually loses their family members. Looking closely at the novel, we find that everyone loses something and everyone tries to compensate it. It were parents who first deprived children of love. The feeling of bereavement is overall.

Finally, the Comspons family is a particular picture of mankind. The author doesn’t believe in it and Mr. Compson says “the field only reveals to man his own folly and despair…” (The Sound and the Fury, 1990, p. 76).

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