Top 10 Money Saving Tricks for Students


loZR0cBS0Wn82SNq20BzXz7vhmCZt9im_efeCkQqUX0If you are a student, saving money is probably in your top list of urgent problems that need solutions. Indeed, having incredible loans and living on your own on a campus (and having parties all the time!) is stressing in terms of financial well-being. Fortunately, countless generations of students have developed witty and useful strategies for saving money, and I am going to share some of this distilled wisdom with you.

1. Refilling your cup in Starbucks costs only 50 cents, so throwing the empty cup away is a money-wasting idea. If you want another coffee, keep your empty cup. Not forever, of course, but drinking two cups in a row will be cheaper with this perk. Moreover, if you register and use your Starbucks gift card several times, you will get free refills!

2. You can offer your campus neighbors to chip in when buying products. Respectively, food you cook can be eaten by all those who split the cost with you, but still this way you can spend less money on products.

3. Do you still call your friends and relatives using a phone? Come on, it’s the 21st century outside. Use Skype, or Viber, or Line, or whatever other app allowing you to make calls and send SMS messages using the Internet connection. It’s way cheaper than paying phone bills!

4. You can ask your neighbors to share their Wi-Fi with you; in exchange, you can offer them to split the bill. This way all of you get a Wi-Fi connection for a lower price; it is unlikely that the connection speed will dramatically suffer just because you will not be the only one using it.

5. Whenever you need to call a plumber or technician, check out YouTube videos first – many of them can actually teach you how to fix this or that. If it is not something dangerous like electricity or a gas oven, you can probably fix it yourself.

Note: you are doing it at your own risk. If you are not sure you can fix something yourself, better spend some money and call a specialist.

6. Do not buy brand new clothes; use second-hand shops instead. This also refers to purchasing gadgets and various tech – if a smartphone or tablet work fine and looks new, it’s better to buy it on eBay instead of paying more in a retail shop.

7. If you’re planning to go on vacation – to visit your parents in your hometown, for example – sublet your apartment to someone from your your circle of friends or people you know that won’t let you down.

8. Bakeries and coffee shops often let you take their buns and cakes for free at the end of the day. Some pizza places do it too.

9. By the way, if you like art and good wine, galleries often offer free wine and snacks whenever there is an exhibition opening. Two in one: food and arts – pleasure and usefulness!

10. Buy food in Chinatowns (if there are any close to you). There, you can always buy fresh seafood, all kinds of spices and groceries, and other goods for a reasonable (and sometimes even ridiculously low) price. If you manage to make friends with sellers, you might even get a discount as a regular customer. It actually happened to me twice – I was buying fish in the same kiosk, and the seller was so nice that he sold it to me cheaper than to other customers.

Well, these are just some of the tips to save your money. Stay updated for more!

P.S. And, by the way, learn how to cook on your own. Dining out is a bad option when you want to save your money.

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