Top Mistakes While Applying to College

The most common mistakes typically arise from a student’s willingness to go to any length to stand out. However, such a philosophy can be detrimental and reduce the chances of getting into a preferred college.


Insincere Essay Content

The heart of any application is the personal essay, which gives you a chance to tell your own story. Admissions officers read 50 sets of essays a night. Which makes an insincere effort easy to spot. Your essay should stick to the question being asked and not wander into irrelevant areas.

Your Online Identity

About eighty percent of admissions officers use Facebook in evaluating applicants. When applying to college, avoid messages, posts and photos that can show you in an unflattering light.

Lack of Attention to Details

One of the biggest mistakes made by applicants is creating an essay for all the schools they
are interested in. It seems like a time saver, but this strategy will backfire when the wrong school’s name appears in your essay. Such mistakes show that you don’t take the process seriously enough.

Too Many Activities

An upsurge in extracurricular activities is bound to raise questions. The nature and timing of your involvement may suggest insincerity or a lack of commitment, and they make it harder for admissions officers to get a feel for your personality.

Not Following Directions

Nothing is more off-putting to admissions departments than candidates who don’t follow
directions. If your chosen school doesn’t need recommendation letters or additional materials, don’t include them. Also, don’t miss the deadlines.

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