Top 10 Most Ridiculous Health Searches of 2014

tentenDo you know the joke about how men and women treat the common cold? Women are like, “No, honey, I’m fine, just a little bit tired,” and men are always like, “Woman, come here, and listen to my last words, I am dying…” In fact, there is only a bit of joke in every joke (and the rest is truth), and people are actually prone to look for health problems even when there are none. Below is the top 10 list of the most ridiculous health searches made by people around the world recently. Enjoy!

1. Is it possible for your head to be too big for your neck?

I wanted to write something so ironic, you would immediately realize there is no such possibility and you would calm down. But unfortunately, it is possible. Read about hydrocephalus, if you want to know more. Sorry. Good news: you probably don’t have it.

2. Can you overdose on carbs?

Yeah, sure! Food – and carbs in particular – are like drugs that cause addiction. Didn’t you know that if you stop eating you will die?

3. How can you tell if you were born with a tail?

Uhm, I won’t ask why you need to know that.

4. Scary loud explosion in head wakes me up at night.

In your head, call the police and ask them to double the security measures.

5. Can you feel your fetus’ stomach growl when it gets hungry inside you?

Uhm, I am male, so it’s hard for me to say, but I would definitely like some BBQ back in the days when I was a fetus. Maybe call him/her and ask what they’d like for dinner?

6. Help, I can’t stop pooping!

Haha, I’m so glad that I’m not in your shoes!

7. Why do my eyes twitch after I sneeze, am I dying?

Definitely. I’ll tell you even more: all people are dying. Fortunately, this process lasts for decades, so unless you have some serious disease, you are fine.

8. Can my kidney explode?

Sure, if you detonate it! Jokes aside, it can hurt like hell if you have a certain illness.

9. What happens when you swallow your tongue ring?

I suppose you’ve already swallowed it, otherwise you probably would not be asking. Well, don’t hope that it comes out the same way it came in.

10. Why does the back of my nose suddenly taste like freshly cut grass?

WHAT? Call us when it starts tasting like lollipops or bacon – that would be a sensation!

P.S. Please, just don’t take all this seriously, okay?

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