Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

Just as it is with selecting essay topics for other type of essays, the selection of topics for a compare and contrast essay, should be done while considering the strength of interest that the writer has in the topics. It is always a good idea, that when you are presented with several topics for a compare and contrast essay, you should select the topic for compare and contrast essay that the essay writers has most interest in.

This is not the only thing that is to be considered when selecting the ideal topic, because one also has to select essay topics, that the targeted audience is likely to have a lot of interest in. Essays are written for audiences to read, and as such, the primary target of any essay should be to satisfy the interests of the targeted audience, by covering issues that they are interested in.

Even when seeking essay help from writing services, it is important to let the writing services know the interests of the audience, be it one’s classmate, or one’s instructor, so that they can select essay topics for a compare and contrast essay that are relevant to the audience.

Topics for a compare and contrast essay should contain two points that are to be compared and contrasted, and the compare and contrast essay should start by exploring one issue, then the other, before you can begin exploring the several ways that the two issues are similar and dissimilar. The wording of the compare and contrast essay should be simple, and convincing, because one needs to convince the audience of the similarities and differences.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Examples

  • Compare the criminal styles of Al Capone and Black Beard.

  • Compare and contrast creative work of Mozart and The Beatles.

  • Compare and contrast reasons of French and American revolutions.

  • Make a comparative analysis of the American and Chinese political systems.

  • Compare and contrast peculiarities of baroque and rococo architectural styles.

  • Compare and contrast Yahoo and Google search engines.

  • You are going to enter the university, and are considering several options. Compare and contrast the information you know about each of the alternatives.

  • Compare and contrast conditions of living in the city and countryside.

  • Compare and contrast going on vacation by bus and by plane.

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