We Are Living in the Future Already

If you are an enthusiast of science fiction and everything connected to advanced technologies, you must be hearing (or reading) the word “future” rather often. Like, “…in 2153 AD technologies became so advanced that humanity started to worship them,” or “…technologies of the future will be completely indistinguishable from fairytales’ magic,” and so on. It might be true, of course, but try looking at the situation from a slightly different angle: we are already living in future, as it was imagined by sci-fi writers of previous generations. We’ve got so used to technologies that we simply don’t notice how wonderful they actually are. Here are just some examples to show how much technology has progressed.


I remember how excited I was to purchase my first Micro SD memory card many years ago. Its capacity was vast: 256 Mb! Well, at least I thought so. A couple of weeks ago, I was buying a memory card for my DSLR, and I was like: “16Gb card with 80Mb/s? Nah, too little space, I need at least 64Gb.” Picky, huh?

2. qr codeI bet that less than in a decade this is how libraries will actually look like all over the world.

3. ironicIt is somewhat ironic that directors nowadays film movies mostly using the green screen instead of real landscapes (even though there is nothing fantastic in trees and grey sky), but you should agree that visual effects look awesome. Artificial reality in its best!

4. al futuroI just love this technology! As a person who desperately tries to study foreign languages, I find this application extremely useful (in advance, because I haven’t purchased it yet, haha). Anyways, just imagine how much easier life can become when you travel to a different country with an app like this.

5. smartphone

And finally, just think of the fact that all this fits in your pant pocket easily. A smartphone, one of the most incredible modern pieces of technology, allows you to operate with any kind of information easily; all the world is literally at your fingertips.

And that’s not all, of course – I just forgot about robots, space flights, quantum physics, solar energy, and many other wonders that have become reality in the 21st century!

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