What Is Your Favorite Writing Strategy?

Notwithstanding the wealth of options, effective strategies are necessary for a successful piece of writing. Here are four strategies that can be applied to any mode of academic writing.


Understand the Mode

The first step of the writing process is to understand the mode, or what the task is asking you to do. The mode is usually the type of essay you are writing. This can be a descriptive mode, an argument, a critical analysis, a process analysis, even an extended definition. Understanding the assignment is important to writing an essay and makes the rest of the writing process much easier.

Organize and Outline

The key to effective communication is to organize your thoughts and one way you can do this is to write an outline before you begin your first draft. Having an outline allows you to see the progression of the essay from start to finish and analyze the effectiveness of the structure.

Keep It Simple and Direct

You don’t have to impress readers with big, obscure words and long explanations. Instead, write in a simple language that doesn’t rely on figurative interpretation. Use concrete details and good writing skills. Say what you mean.

Get Feedback and Revise

No successful essay is finished after the first draft. Let at least one person whose opinion
you trust read your essay and provide feedback. Acknowledge the value of feedback, even if you don’t agree with it, and consider the feedback when revising your essay.

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