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A сollege personal essay is one of the most popular forms of creative nonfiction. You can base your personal essay on an individual experience of yours that taught you lesson. Also, this type of an essay can be an individual opinion on a topic or problem that you think is important.

Writing a Personal Essay Requires Usage of Certain Elements:

  •  It has to be based on an individual experience in which you achieved significant understanding.
  •  It should be a narrative. The writer narrates a story using a setting, dialogues, conflict, etc.
  •  It must be written in the first person.
  •  A personal essay doesn’t have to be objective.
  •  The author should be honest with the audience.

Formal Essay VS Personal Essay

The procedure of writing a personal essay differs from the formal essay writing process. If we are talking about a personal essay, the author discusses personal experiences without having to defend a point. The writer should only represent the topic and the subject. It should be focused on personal feelings, emotions, opinions, and experience. It is better if it will be autobiographical story. Contrarily, a formal essay should provide a thesis, and then prove or support it. To write an exacting formal essay, the writer should provide ample research.

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