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Writing is a difficult task on its own, let alone when you are tasked with academic writing. Countless rules, as well as specific style and formatting requirements make the task even more demanding. We have decided to prepare a set of useful services that can help you with various difficulties while writing.

Sources to Improve Your Active Vocabulary

  • Thesaurus
  • Vocabulary
  • Sensagent

Writing in an academic style is different not only regarding the links to sources and the objective manner of writing, but also by word choice. Once you see an academic paper, you know it by style – it’s usually more complicated and filled with complex words and concepts. These services will help you find just the right word when you are thinking, “What do you call that?” Clear your paper of endless tautology and improve your active vocabulary. Thesaurus.com and Sensagent.com are useful services with synonyms, antonyms and word choices. Vocabulary.com is a useful service for enlarging your active vocabulary. Plus, it’s in the form of a fun game.

Sources With Academic Paper Structure Advice

  • Harvard College Writing Center
  • Durham University Guides
  • Writing for Dummies
  • University of Pennsylvania Writing Instructions
  • Writing Essays for Dummies by EssayShark
  • EssayShark Sample Page

As you know, keeping proper paper structure is the key to success for your essay or research paper. When it comes to college writing, it’s better to have solid guidelines even if you are sure that you know the theory almost by heart. Try guides provided by such credible sources as Harvard College Writing Center, Durham University and University of Pennsylvania. If you want a little break from strict academic language, Writing for Dummies will make a pleasant difference.

Also take note of the latest extensive guide prepared by the EssayShark team – Writing Essays for Dummies. The guide covers almost every aspect you need to know to create a perfect academic paper, and if we’ve missed something, you can find out on your own while studying our samples created by experienced and professional writers. All in all, writing knowledge is gathered bit by bit – and now you have all the sources for where to find those bits.

Websites With Formatting and Bibliography Instructions

  • The Purdue OWL
  • Bibme

As if writing a paper on a complicated topic and backing it up with arguments is not difficult enough, academic papers require proper formatting. Check The Purdue OWL website for a detailed description of all formatting cases starting from the citing rules to the tiniest nuances in a bibliography. If you are feeling too tired to figure everything out on your own, Bibme can help with that, since it’s an automated service of generating bibliography entries. Remember, however, that it may not be 100% accurate and it’s better to check twice anyway.

Free Databases With Academic Articles

  • JURN
  • DOAJ
  • Jstor
  • UNdata
  • Google Scholar

Another common challenge most students face while writing academic papers is finding credible sources. Though there is a lot of information available online, very little of it is considered to be from credible sources. For example, we believe you know that Wikipedia doesn’t count as a website you can refer to in your academic paper. Buying articles can be quite a problem too, especially considering the fact that the average price for a short article of 10 to 15 pages ranges from $15 to $30, and you need at least five of them for your research paper. Check these databases with free academic articles where you can find credible sources for your research: JURN, DOAJ, IDEAS, Jstor, UNdata, and Google Scholar.

And finally, when your essay or research paper is ready, don’t forget to check it using a reliable plagiarism checker – PlagiarismCheck.org to make sure your paper meets all academic standards. We hope these tools will help you create awesome papers effortlessly. All in all, why do you need to do things the complicated way if you know the easy way now?

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