How Businesses and Students Can Participate in Paris Agreement and Climate Change

This article discusses the intention of US corporations, organizations, and educational institutions to actively participate in addressing climate change. Becoming more active in creating solutions and recognizing the urgency of climate change is an important part of commitment every participant should take care about.

About the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is a groundbreaking milestone in international cooperation on climate change, involving all countries worldwide in cutting emissions and building resilience to climate change. It lays up an international framework to prevent harmful climate change by regulating global warming levels.

While the experts state that the intended goals are not still met, a range of policies have been implemented across nations to reduce the gap between what has already been done and what is needed. As such, countries must provide access to reliable, transparent, and verifiable information related to climate action to be held accountable for their commitments.

194 countries still recognize the importance of this agreement and have officially approved its provisions. The European Parliament, China, South Korea, and Japan have set clear goals to cut emissions for the upcoming decades. These commitments signal that many of the world's largest economies have recognized the urgent need to cut emissions to avert further global warming.

The US and Paris Agreement

After the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement in 2020, President Biden rejoined the protocol to take an active part in climate change outcomes and stated a list of goals to build a clean energy economy. The Administration has developed steps that include plans to invest in clean energy technologies, decarbonize the transportation sector, and reduce methane emissions. These efforts will aim to create good-paying jobs and protect the environment by reducing the US' emissions from 2005 levels by 50-52% by 2030.

Here is one of the statements made by the US organization to address the climate change in response to the Paris Agreement:

Joint Labor Union and CEO Statement on the Paris Agreement

We the undersigned are a group of CEOs who employ more than 2 million people in the United States and union leaders who represent 12.5 million workers. Together, we know that driving progress on addressing climate change is what’s best for the economic health, jobs, and competitiveness of our companies and our country.

In 2017, many of us came together to rally behind the US’ participation in the Paris Agreement. We came together to say we are still in. Two years ago, the impacts of climbing global temperatures were clear. Today, with record temperatures across the country, fiercer hurricanes pummeling coasts, more destructive wildfires, droughts and flooding disrupting the economy, we have no time to waste.

Two years ago, we knew that supporting the Paris Agreement was what was needed to help keep companies competitive and thriving under the shifting expectations of Americans. We stand with the 77% of registered American voters and over 4,000 American states, cities and businesses supporting the Paris Agreement.

Today, we stand by our conviction that a commitment to the Paris Agreement requires a just transition of the workforce—one that respects labor rights and is achieved through dialogue with workers and their unions. Participation in the Paris Agreement enables us to plan for a just transition and create new decent, family-supporting jobs and economic opportunity.

Staying in the Paris Agreement will strengthen our competitiveness in global markets, positioning the United States to lead the deployment of new technologies that support the transition, provide for our workers and communities, and create jobs and companies built to last.

It also supports investment by setting clear goals which enable long-term planning. It encourages innovation to achieve emissions reductions at low cost.

There has been progress, but not enough. This moment calls for greater, more accelerated action than we’ve seen. It calls for the strong policy framework the Paris Agreement provides, one that allows the US the freedom to choose our own path to emissions reductions.

The promise of the Paris Agreement is one of a just and prosperous world. We urge the United States to join us in staying in.

Stuart Appelbaum, Executive Council & Chair of International Committee, AFL-CIO

The importance of addressing the Paris Agreement and climate issues in colleges and universities classes

Young people are brave enough to question old paradigms, willing to take risks, and express their opinions, even when those opinions may not be in agreement with the mainstream. College and university years are the best time to cover the topics related to climate change and how it may influence their future lives. During these years, students should be educated on the causes and consequences of climate change and be encouraged to take part in initiatives that reduce its effects. Furthermore, educators can equip students with the skills and knowledge to reduce their carbon footprint, such as through practices like eating organic, composting, and reducing plastic waste.

Why should every student know about the Paris Climate Agreement?

Every individual on the Earth is an agent who can positively influence the world’s climate situation. Students and young people can be active participants in advocating the plante’s situation and climate agenda. It’s especially important since students and young people will be most affected by the long-term impacts of climate change.

Students in many colleges and universities discuss climate change and write academic papers on related topics. With the assistance of an essay writing service, they can get up-to-date information about the Paris agreement, its role in combating climate change, and an understanding of the challenges ahead. They can join student-led organizations focusing on environmental sustainability and the global climate agenda and participate in public demonstrations to raise awareness.

Where to find more information about the Paris Agreement?

I need to write my paper about the Paris Agreement. Where should I find information? All students seeking information on climate change issues should use reliable sources of information to build their research. Sources such as the UNFCCC website, along with scientific journals, reports from respected organizations and institutions, and reputable websites, can all be used to gain accurate information regarding climate change issues.

UNICEF has created a guide about the Paris Agreement specifically for young people and adolescents. The guide explains the Paris Agreement in terms that are easily understood by the readers, highlighting the potential impacts on their future and how they can contribute to climate action. It also encourages young people to advocate for their rights and to help build more sustainable societies.

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