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After you place an order and submit all essential requirements concerning your work, you can see the writers who apply for your order and contact each of them directly in chat. You can also check each writer's profile and review their list of completed orders along with customers' ratings.

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You can see how the writer progresses with every sentence written, directly from your order page. This gives you the opportunity to suggest any necessary corrections on the spot, or guide the writer in a new direction if you believe they have strayed from the point. Collaboration has never been more efficient.

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You decide which writer best suits the requirements of your paper. You can also check each writer's bid for your order, so that you are able to plan your own budget. It is up to you to decide what needs to be revised at any stage of the order, and to evaluate how effective your writer's performance is.

Tell writers exactly what you want the paper to look like!

You know best what the final product should look like, depending on your professor's requirements and your personal preferences. So, while chatting with the writers, you can express all your expectations, ideas and suggestions for them to consider while they start the research and draft the paper.

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At we try to keep a good balance between affordable rates for customers and fair wages for writers. It is no secret that we set high standards for our writers and employ only those who prove their best writing skills and experience in academics. Yet, our prices are comparatively moderate.

We try to interfere as little as possible into the bidding process and let it run on a free market basis. Moreover, offering discounts selectively to one customer but not the other does not quite fall into our principles and standards. So, we choose to keep affordable pricing for everyone rather than lower rates on a selective basis.

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