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EssayShark.com offers you a unique and personalized approach, which includes direct communication with writers interested in your order. We give a firm guarantee that we will deliver only top-quality work, and that you will not be asked for payment before you see how the writer has worked on your order. You are given tools to manage your order yourself, from the first step until the last. This includes choosing the writer you like the most, working out any questions while the order is in progress, and evaluating your writer afterwards. In addition, with EssayShark.com you are constantly updated on the progress of your writer’s work, since you can immediately view any changes the writer makes.

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These simple steps take you towards academic success:

  1. 1.Place your order without advance payment – simply complete an order form, and let the writers know what kind of paper you seek.

  2. 2.Chat with the writers who apply for your order, discuss their educational background, professional experience, and writing style.

  3. 3.Watch each writer as he or she works on your order, and immediately see the progress as they complete the preview of your paper.

  4. 4.Choose the writer you prefer, based on how you like the writing, the rating of previous customers, and the price requested for the work.

  5. 5.Communicate with your writer as work progresses, and instantly work out any operational questions as they occur.

  6. 6.Evaluate your writer once the order is completed, and share your experience with other customers.