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With EssayShark.com, we do not pay your writer before the whole paper or its part is completed. You can load the necessary funds to your personal account and issue the payment to the writer as he or she progresses.

All the funds loaded to your EssayShark.com account, or reserved for a specific order, which have not yet been released to your writer, are 100% refundable, until you proceed to the last stage/part of an order. The payments used for a specific order will be refunded to your account in case you cancel the order (excluding payments for the additional service "Featured order"). You can, however, only claim back the amount that has not yet been paid to the writer using the "Release" button.

In order to claim back the money from your current balance, you need to press "Request a refund of your balance" on your personal page (tab "Balance"). You can only refund the money if your current balance is positive. Once the final payment to the writer is released, the order is considered complete, and no money will be refunded.

EssayShark Money Back Guarantee

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