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Discount policy

1. We do not offer permanent discounts on our products or services. Discounts are offered periodically as part of our marketing strategies for specific events or occasions. These events may include holidays, sales promotions, and other special occasions. We reserve the right to offer or withdraw discounts at our discretion during these events.

2. There may be different types of discounts which include discounts for new customers and individual discounts.
The discounts for new customers are only applicable to the first order for individuals who register their first-ever account during the promotional period.
Individual discounts are based on specific criteria such as loyalty, purchase history, or participation in certain promotional events. The terms and conditions for these discounts will be provided when such discounts are available.

3. Every discount we offer has a predefined validity period, which is specified in accordance with the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This period specifies the duration during which the discount is applicable. After the validity period expires, the discount will no longer be available for use. Please note that all references to time and dates, including the start and end times of discounts, are based on the specified time zone.

4. We offer Percentage-Based Discounts and Amount-Based Discounts.
Percentage-Based Discounts are calculated as a certain percentage of the original price of the product or service.
Amount-Based Discounts provide a specific monetary reduction from the product's regular price.
If your order qualifies for a discount but exceeds the set limitations, the discount will be applied up to the maximum allowed amount. Any portion of the discount beyond the limit will not be applicable. You will be charged the regular price for the excess amount.

5. If you decide to cancel your discounted order, you will lose the benefit of a discount on your next order. However, we may consider providing the discount again if we fail to deliver a product meeting our quality standards, which include originality and timely delivery for the discounted order.
In the event of a refund for a purchase made with a discount, the refunded amount will be the actual amount paid, excluding the discount.

6. Please note that only one discount can be applied to each order. Multiple discounts or promotions cannot be combined for a single purchase.

7. We will keep our customers informed about new discount offers and promotions through email notifications, website announcements, and/or social media campaigns.

8. Non-transferable: Discounts are non-transferable and cannot be applied to future purchases, unless specifically decided by us.

9. Non-Convertible: Discounts cannot be converted into cash or any other form of currency.

We reserve the right to check compliance with the requirements of our discount offers and deny you the discount in case of its violation or other violations of our Terms and Conditions.
By submitting your payment details, you confirm your acceptance of the Discount Policy and agree to the terms and conditions of this Discount Policy.
All information we collect under the Discount Offer will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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