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Free writing tools – your helpful online tools for writing

Here’s our list of useful free writing tools that can greatly facilitate the process of writing essays for students.

Use our free essay writing tools

Words To Pages Tool

Words To Pages Tool

It converts words to pages, which allows you to quickly find out how many pages your essay will be.

Count Words to Pages
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Thesis Statement Generator

Thesis Statement Generator

The tool allows you to come up with a good thesis statement for your essay, saving you time.

Generate Thesis
Words To Minutes Converter

Words To Minutes Converter

It converts words of any text to the minutes that it would take you to say them aloud according to your chosen speed.

Count Words to Minutes
Word Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool

This is a tool that gives you the ability to count how many words are in your text. It will help you to meet and not exceed word limit requirements.

Count Words
Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

This is a tool that provides help with paraphrasing texts. With it, you can make your text unique while keeping the original meaning.

Paraphrase Text
GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator

This simple toll will help you to calculate your GPA. With its help, you can figure out how much you need to raise your GPA.

Calculate GPA
Writing Prompt Generator

Writing Prompt Generator

This tool can create a perfect prompt for your essay. This generator is great for overcoming writer’s block.

Generate Prompt
AI tool
AI Detector Tool

AI Detector Tool

It detects AI written texts. You can check any text to find out whether it was human or machine-written.

Detect AI in Text
Essay Title Generator

Essay Title Generator

Use this tool when you are unsure which title to choose for your essay. It will give you many great ideas for inspiration.

Generate Title

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Free writing tools as perfect helpers

What are free instruments we offer? If you don’t know about writing tools, it’s high time you familiarize yourself with some of them. Our software can make the writing process a whole lot easier and better. Our essay writing service offers these tools free to anyone.

Free essay writing tools help with writing almost any type of content. They are helpful whether you're creating an essay, coursework, or even writing a dissertation. Our online instruments can help you with academic papers, business texts, and more.

Reduce the burden using free writing tools

Free writing tools are used to reduce the burden on students. With these instruments, you can write papers that won’t miss the mark. Free online devices for students reach their desired results in all sorts of ways.

Some of the most notable applications of free online writing tools include:

  • Creating a thesis statement for your essay
  • Formatting the title page correctly
  • Improving the text using an AI essay writer
  • Publishing content without plagiarism.

Free online instruments can help to write entire papers from scratch without or with little human intervention. But most importantly, they improve the quality of your writing to help you get the best result. Let's see what essay writing tools EssayShark has to offer.

Top 4 Tools for Content Writing

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AI detector tool

The main purpose of creating this AI Detector Tool was to help users improve their texts. This is one of our top four tools for content writing because you can use it to check to see whether a text was generated using AI. You will see whether your text needs improvement in order to make it more human.

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Paraphrasing tool

With this tool, you will generate original content free of plagiarism. Whether it's an essay, a social media post, website copy, or any other content, Paraphrasing Tool has your back. While using this one of the online tools for writing papers, you can get a unique text while keeping the original meaning.

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Word counter tool

Word Counter Tool helps you count words in lengthy texts in just seconds. Do not repeat the mistakes of other writers, who neglect using such online tools for writing texts. With this tool, you will stick to the required word limit.

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Words to minutes converter

Words to Minutes Converter is one of the most famous online tools for writing texts. It is a particularly popular tool for speechwriters. With its help, you can find out how much time your speech will take.

Top 6 online tools for writing papers

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Words to pages tool

Words to Pages Tool helps you save time and money by counting how many pages your text will occupy within seconds! This is one of the most helpful online tools for writing essays because it determines how many pages a student is required to write.

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Thesis statement generator

This generator is one of the best free online writing tools that creates a compelling thesis based on the topic set. The tool can help you when you get tired of racking your brain trying to come up with a thesis statement for another essay.

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AI essay writer tool

AI Essay Writer Tool is an artificial intelligence program that helps you write creative and original papers much faster than the average human writer. Take advantage of this, one of the most innovative writing tools online, to generate an essay on any topic.

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GPA calculator

We have developed a GPA calculator that can benefit students everywhere. This is one of the EssayShark free tools that you should try if you need to figure out how much you need to raise your GPA by. We strive to help students not only with writing but with academic performance as a whole.

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Writing prompt generator

Writing Prompt Generator is among the best writing tools available because it can help provide you with fresh ideas. It is ideal for those who want to write an interesting paper but don’t know where to start. The tool will help you put your thoughts into writing.

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Title page generator

This is one of the best essay writing tools for title formatting that helps students by providing well-formatted title pages. This tool is also one of the most helpful because it can save you time putting together your title page.

Use these online tools for writing content

As you can see, our instruments are the perfect helpers for dealing with your texts. Work with a combination of online writing tools to help you reach your writing goals. As you can see, there are EssayShark tools for writing that can help you deal with almost any writing problem. It is impossible to fail when you know how to use essay writing tools correctly.

Choosing these online devices is a decision that you won’t regret!


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