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Example of a Business Plan Writing: Objectives

What Is a Business Plan and Its Main Objective?

When you decide to start your own business, it is necessary to understand how you will organize it. And that is the moment when you ask yourself “Do I need a business plan?” To give an answer, we need to understand fully what this definition means.


A business plan is a written document used to describe a proposed venture or idea. It typically includes the current state of a business, future vision for the business, target market analysis and challenges, sales and marketing strategies, and funding requirements to reach stated goals (“Business Plan,” 2009). Continue reading

Business Plan Sample: TQM


An organization succeeds through the nature of the management. The management may be good or poor. Good managers propel organizations to high prospects. They ensure that the mission and vision is fulfilled. Poor managers affect organizations negatively. They tend to make losses and lead the organizations down the drain. Shurooq being a multi- lineal type of organization requires a high level of managerial expertise. This ranges from skills, professionalism and action. This is because it deals with a lot of tasks which makes it complex to handle. Continue reading