Essay Paper Sample: Adapting to New Culture

What infuences how one adapts to, assimilates to, or reacts to a culture that is different than ones’s culture?


Interrelationship of national identity and ethnicity plays a great role in the adoption, assimilation, and reaction of immigrants to a culture that is different from their own. These influence the interaction well-being of immigrants in response to their receiving society. The interaction is highly modified by strength of national identity and ethnic variation. Therefore, studies shows that, a combination of strong national and ethnic identity promote ones adotion of another culture. This paperwork focuses on how immigrants from all over the world choose the United States to be their new home, they will have to find a balance between culture influences but, on the other hand, fight with many stereotypes.

1. Cultures influences

Age factor

Age factor is one of the factors that determine the influence of how one adapts, assimilates, and react to culture that is different from their own. The relationship between immigrant’s adaption and identity is moderated by other additional factors such as age, gender, and time of immigration. Young generation will highly adapt and react to a culture that is different from their own, because; they arrive to the new society with a strong sence of cultural and national origin. An example to this is how a young young from China was able t adapt to American culture more than their parent. She was able to speak English while both of his parents could not. In addition, they also have a high degree of willingness to react and adapt to identities of the new environment. However, they face higher identity issues related to their sense of belonging from their ancestral culture and their new area of settlement.

One’s assimilation, reaction and adaption to a culture that is different from their original one can also be facilitated by school adjustments. Children from immigrant faamilies tend to adapt culture of their new society through schools. This is best explained by the interaction approach in which immigrant students interact with students from the host society, thus adapting their culture. This reflects that schools are the greatest assimilationsinst institutions in the society. This is because they hold stronger national identity that affects the cultural diversity between two societies.

Living in “cultural schizophrenia”

Another factor that contributes to the culute aimilation, adaption, and reaction is living in “cultural schizophrenia. This is because it facilitates identification and ethnic identity of immigrants to the new society is much related to each other. The identities are related with the adoption of immigrants to their new cultural group. The role of national identities and ethnic can be well understood in terms of interaction between characteristics and attitudes of immigrants and the receiving society. This is due to moderation of the various circumstances facing immirants in their new social setup. Individual and group immigrants arrive in their new society woth different attitude. This is mainly to become part of the new society and retain their original culture. However, in their new environment, these attitudes interact with the perceived and actual acceptance level of immigrants. Strong desires of immigrants to maintain their culture and identity boost their ethnic identity. In addition, immigration group feel accepted in the new environment if there is much pressure on assimilation. This will also increase the strenghth of national identity…

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