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Marketing Strategy Essay Sample on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Tricks for Marketing

Social media has become one of the main forms of communication in the world today. With communication being the most vital aspect when it comes to marketing it is obvious the need to utilize social media to reach clients. Within recent years WhatsApp has become increasingly popular with regards to social media marketing. It is a service that is available on most major mobile operating software including Android, Apple and Blackberry. In this essay an attempt shall be made to discuss relevant WhatsApp tricks for social media marketing.

When WhatsApp was first introduced to the social media world it was only able to transmit files in audio and video formats. However with the use of an add-in called “CloudSend,” WhatsApp now has the ability to send various types of files including PDF, APK, RAR and ZIP. This is a huge benefit when it comes to marketing simply because now businesses and clients are able to communicate multiple types of data at the press of a button.

Even though WhatsApp has been readily available for most mobile devices, some users would like to see the app on their personal computer. This is now a reality with the use of “Youwave,” any user can now have WhatsApp on their PC. This is very convenient for users and their clients who are either at the office or at home and do not want to use their mobile device but rather their PC or laptop.

WhatsApp also have a very cool feature where it has the ability to backup and restore all media and conversations. When it comes to social media marketing, it is important to be able to monitor messages and files transferred amongst clients. Marketing relies on consistency and diversity that can make all the difference when attempting to attract customers. Monitoring messages and file transfers will allow the user to accomplish these challenging tasks. This cool trick allows the user to do just that by simply making a few adjustments in the settings of the app.

In conclusion it is evident that WhatsApp is a very powerful tool that is able to reach most clients on a regular basis. In addition to the expansive reach, WhatsApp is also free for all users, which makes it a very appealing method of communication for many businesses. When it comes to social media marketing it is important to consider the cost, reach for clients and efficiency of transmitting information. WhatsApp has been excelling in these areas for many years.

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