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Sample of Argumentative Essay: Tesla

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How Can Tesla Afford to Offer Drivers Free Charging for Life?

In recent years, Tesla Motors has made a huge breakthrough in the automotive industry as it not only created the first electric vehicle that can travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge, but also equipped a network of special charging stations known as Supercharger, where Tesla vehicles can refuel for free (Supercharger). Nevertheless, despite the fact that the company continues to develop itself, it is essential to mention that people, who often have to drive long distances, may end up using Tesla vehicles  because of unsustainability of free charging. Thus, there is a need for Tesla Motors to think about the ways that can attract potential customers and ensure them with free charging for life.

At the current time, Tesla Supercharger comes as a single option at a price of $2000 that includes the cost of hardware, vehicle interface, and software configuration. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the company offers free charging at the special equipped stations, people worry about additional costs for electricity when they charge their vehicles at home. According to Parets, “Tesla estimates that driving 15,000 miles per year will cost a driver an extra $467 in electricity, so deduct that from the gas savings” (Parets, 2015). However, providing drivers with free charging for life will cost the company less than people think (Sparks, 2015).

In most cases, it can be said that by creating a completely free and improved network of special charging stations that are powered by solar panels and allow to charge within 20 minutes all over the US, Tesla Motors can significantly increase sales of its vehicles and provide drivers  with an opportunity of free charging for life through using Superchargers.

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