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Ghost Short Story Essay Sample

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What Is the Best Ghost Story Ever Written?

English literature is famous for its unlimited variety of genres, each of which, whether fantasy or romance, arouses in the reader an admiration and sense of warm or excitement and enthusiasm. But what if we ask ourselves: “Which of the host stories is the best one?”

It is vital to note that English literature is full of scary masterpieces, but to my way of thinking, the most chilling ghost story is The Secret of Crickley Hall, a supernatural thriller novel written by the British writer James Herbert and published in October 2006 (2006). An insatiable desire to read this book appeared in me as soon as I looked at the cover of the book, which winnowed mysteries and cold.

But faced with the story, I was struck to the heart by how sinister, and the intimidating atmosphere was created by the author that even the seemingly most mundane moments left feeling energized.

In the history there are two intertwined storylines: the line of the past, which describes how during the Second World War the house Crickley Hall suffered from terrible floods and orphans who lived there died painfully; the line of present tells the story of a young family which tried to escape from the blame for the disappearance of their youngest child and moved to a quiet province.

I have to say, that exactly the host story The Secret of Crickley Hall gets me overwhelmed because imagination immediately draws pictures: rain, fog, the cold old house filled with its secrets. Just from thinking about these things it becomes scary, but when strange things started to happen: rustles, knocking, mysterious shadows, my heart was pounding, and my back was covered with goosebumps from fear and the desire to unravel the secrets of Crickley Hall. Furthermore, the denouement of history at the end of the book is very interesting: the true story of the flood emerges into the light: how, who and from what died, because one of the children, who survived was the assistant of torturers. Trying to get rid of the nightmares that tormented him, he came to the house to pay off – sacrifice another child to free himself from the tormented ghosts. So with the help of the same ghosts in history has a fair end and cold Crickley Hall has become almost a conventional house.

So, to sum it up, I did not notice how the time passed during the reading, pages were turning over invisibly – I did not have time to come round, as a third of the book was read. In the process of reading, I had to worry a lot, and not only because of the ghosts. By the way, as it turned out, not all ghosts are equally terrible, and real people sometimes are much more terrible. I highly recommend this book to the connoisseurs of mystics!

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