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And Then There Were None PowerPoint Presentation

Looking for a good PowerPoint presentation on a book review? One of our writers has prepared a book analysis of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and created a presentation about it. But before we proceed to watching it, lets find out basic information about the book.

Agatha Christie is considered the queen of detective stories and her novel And Then There Were None is recognized as her masterpiece. Since the publication of the novel, the book has reached the 100 million sales milestone. Originally, the book had the title Ten Little Niggers, but for the US it was renamed as And Then There Were None and all the places the word “niggers” were used in the text were replaced with “little Indians” in order to avoid misunderstandings and adhere to political correctness.

In the story, 10 completely unfamiliar people, different in profession and status, are on an island. Gradually they learn that their arrival was not an accident. They were brought together by an unknown person who believes that each of them is guilty of murder, but has not been punished by the court. From the very first lines, the novel interests and keeps the reader tense. It is impossible to foresee everything, but the finale seems particularly interesting. Even afterward, the death of all ten criminals remains a mystery. Who is the murderer? The answer to this question is unexpected. While the police and the reader are trying to collect information on what was happening on the island, the fishermen bring the murderer’s confession to the police station.

Our author has created a ppt sample that covers the issue of justice in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. In the presentation you can find the meaning of justice in the detective fiction genre, as well as a description of the plot, symbols and motifs, the central motive, and a description of the main characters. Follow the link to look it through immediately.

The Issue of Justice in And Then There Were None