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Animal Farm Essay Example: How Is Power Maintained in the Book


Power is the ability or capacity to be dominant over other individuals as well have enormous influence on them. It grants one superiority and may be obtained, maintained, and lost. In George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm,” Napoleon is depicted as a pig for a reason. The author chooses peculiar animals in order to show how politicians look from the side.

They resort to all kinds of tricks, deceptive persuasion methods, violence, and murder for the purpose of gaining power and control.

Seven Commandments

The story reveals that Napoleon together with his two pig co-conspirators Snowball and Squealer decide to collude and seize control of the entire farm. To get to power and subsequently maintain it, Napoleon lies, employs various manipulation techniques and propaganda, and slays everyone who gets in the way or simply irritates him (Johnson). He is an audacious character that acts blatantly and relentlessly throughout the entire story.

The introduction of the seven commandments is brought to ensure order and enforce regulations. Participating in the debates, Napoleon wins the crowd and conforms them to his will. Snowball, being Napoleon’s only rival and having a lot of disputes with the commander, becomes unnecessary to the leader and is forced to flee from the farm (“How does Napoleon gain power over Animal Farm and how does he maintain it?”).

Lying and Blaming Others

Left with Squealer, they start bending the truth and blaming Snowball for every mishap they encounter or intentionally cause, making animals feel guilt for supporting Snowball and thereby cherishing and praising their leader for being so forethoughtful and caring even more. They sing songs and march by Old Major’s skull, demonstrating that their admiration and dedication to Napoleon is no lesser than it was to Old Major (“How Did Napoleon Create and Maintain Power History Essay”).


To summarize, the novel clearly points out that governments are not any different from pigs. They are filthy, deceiving, corrupt, and cunning. They don’t care about others and won’t stop before anything to retain their power and always stay in control of naive lesser mortals.

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