Argumentative Essay Sample About The Ugly Duckling

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Argumentative Essay Sample About The Ugly Duckling

Childhood is an amazing time when you discover this world and learn new things every day. Fairy tales are a favorite way to spend time for kids. Princesses, dragons, magic, and adventures – fairy tales have everything to be attractive to children. We bet that you also had a favorite story when you were little, right? And not even one. The author of this argumentative essay sample considers The Ugly Duckling to be the greatest fairy tale ever. He has a few compelling arguments that may be interesting for you.

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What Is the Greatest Fairy Tale Well-Known Throughout the World?


All of the adults were children once, and it is undeniable that everyone remembers stories told by our parents or grandparents or that ones which we read later. They are an inevitable part of every child’s growth as they bring joy and teach moral lessons in an engaging way. Fairy tales satisfy all needs of children’s inquisitive mind. The most credible method to judge fairy tales is to pay attention to the children’s impression of the story because fairy tale’s appealing to a child is the most important criteria for defining the greatness of a story.

According to the second principle, the ranks of fairy tales created by ordinary people are addressed. As the result of the quiz Top Fairy Tales of All Time placed on the site, the winner of this race decided by the visitors became The Ugly Duckling. The fairy tale written by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen two centuries ago still remains popular among readers resonating with them on a lot of levels. This tale tells the story of the duckling who was trying to find himself despite being bullied by everyone in the yard because of his appearance. He was struggling to fit in any group but failed and left the yard. Later, when he was found by a group of swans, it cleared out that he was one of them (Hans Christian Andersen).

Why ‘Ugly Duckling’ is so meaningful and popular?

The fairy tale under consideration embraces all parts of children’s needs in the early age. “The fairy story expresses the unconscious longings, hopes and struggles of the child” (Thorne-Thomsen 161) states Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen in his article The Educational Value of Fairy-Stories and Myths and those words underpin the sense of telling stories to children. What makes it still topical is the coverage of acute problems that people face throughout maturing and later in the life. Thus, the Ugly Duckling may become a guide for the readers not only through the early stage of their life but also handling difficulties being adults.

First of all, the problem of self-identification arises. It is important for every human to understand who he or she is and what is their purpose of being here. The writer portrays it great through the duckling’s contemplations about the reasons of his being different from others. Then, the problem of public acknowledgment comes out. As people are highly social, it is important for them to be accepted and to be praised by the society. We can see how upset the young bird becomes when he is turned down by those who surround him. The other crucial issue raised in the fairy tale is bullying. Unfortunately, everyone who does not fit the mold tends to face abusement of their peers at all stages of life as the duckling does because of his appearance that differs from other birds in his family. Reading about all that problems can help children on both sides to take better insight in them. On the one hand, those who suffer are able to find strength, understand that they are not alone and should not give up. On the other hand, children that treat their peers badly may learn to walk in their victims’ shoes. That will definitely help them to be more tolerant of others.

The empowering impact of the book

Besides all raised issues, the general moral of the book teaches us that we should not raise the white flag at the first sight of any struggles. It shows the importance of pursuing your dreams no matter what others say because you are the only one who truly knows who you are and what is the best for you. That means that everyone has its own path in the life, and once you find it, you should never step aside. What is more important, The Ugly Duckling persuades its readers that it does not matter who you are now, the only meaningful thing is who you want to become in the future. Also, it is not your surroundings that determine your personality, and people are free to move to more beneficial places looking for opportunities. Maybe, the most superficial, but not of the less importance is the issue of appearance matter. The duckling is a good example that beauty comes from inside, and you always should love yourself and believe in yourself in order to be beautiful to others. The attitude comes first and forms your image in the eyes of the other.


All things considered, The Ugly Duckling definitely may be titled the greatest fairy tale. Obviously, it should not be discarded by parents when they choose literature for their kids. It is aimed not only to entertain children but also to educate them, to help them go through obstacles of the life, develop tolerance and understanding, build up grip and never give up following their dreams.

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