Baidu Research Paper Example

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Baidu Research Paper Example

Baidu is a technology company headquartered in Beijing. It was founded in 2000 and specializes in internet services such as Baidu WebSearch, Baidu Knows, Baidu Cloud, Baidu Wallet, etc. The Baidu research paper will give you more detailed information about this company and the services that it offers. Although this company hasn’t gained much popularity in the western world, it takes the 3rd place in the list of the best search engines of the eastern world. Baidu services are also adapted for mobile devices as well as other popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. The company provides its clients with a knowledge sharing platform, online encyclopedia, translator, maps, online storage, anti-virus, dictionary, and other helpful services.

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What Is Baidu? Describe What Products It Does and What Perspectives It Has


Baidu was founded in January 2000 by Robin Li, and now it is considered as the most important Chinese language search engine. Similarly to substantial search tools such as Google and Yahoo, Baidu does not restrict their functions to search ones only. They also provide their users with translating platform, email tools, map, and others.

Baidu’s Products and Services

People who live in the western part of the world probably have no idea about Baidu existence, while Chinese people believe that Baidu is the most powerful search engine in the world. Due to well-planned strategies and long-term effects, the CEO of the Baidu has a prosperous future and perspectives are promising for the operations of the corporation.

Baidu now takes the 6th position on the world’s list of best search engines and the 3rd place in the list of the eastern world. For sixteen years, the corporation has been striving to build the company based on two fundamental cores: simplicity and reliability (“What Is Baidu? – Web Presence In China”). Employees were in charge of designing a functional machine search to make the process relevant as well as precise. They have gained such success due to the ability to listen to the customer’s requirements and preferences. For instance, the latest results of the search must go first, while then the list of choices goes chronologically.

As it was already mentioned, Baidu is not only the web search platform. The team of professionals has designed Baidu-Knows (the tool which offers a function of knowledge sharing platform), Baidu Encyclopedia (similar to Wikipedia), Baidu-Translate and other (“Baidu | Products & Services |”). The top panel of the search browser allows searching for video, audio, and maps.

Mobile Interface and Services

As the world has adapted to the mobile technologies in the recent decade, Baidu did so as well. They have offered the mobile version of the search engine which now takes 60% of the entire revenue of the corporation. People are now able to connect to the Baidu search tool to find places, information, and look for the services.

Baidu search engine also serves as a media platform for online-based marketing consumers. Thus, the business can be promoted via this powerful search engine. They put advertisements for the operations-oriented marketing platform (“Baidu | Products & Services |”). To achieve such success, Baidu has created daughter-websites, such as the Baidu Union, which is a partner of the corporation. These days, they are striving to meet the needs of their customer and provide a variety of options for an online marketing platform.

There are plenty of search services which were designed by the Baidu: Baidu Web Search, Baidu PostBar, Baidu Knows, Mobile Baidu, Baidu WenKu. These tools provide the customer with the most recent information and the storage for personal data. Not only some of them allow people to find, but also to share and store the data in protection.

Baidu WebSearch is a tool which allows people to find the information through search queries. When a person is looking for something specific, the system presents a list of options with the rank according to the time it was posted. Baidu PostBar is a platform of social media which is a place of people with common interests (“Baidu | Products & Services”). People should sign up to become a member and be able to share the content. It is now considered ad the most popular social media where Chinese people communicate with each other and play online games.

Baidu Knows is a platform where people might ask their questions to receive a response from other people. This tool is handy as it gathers people from different fields of occupation with personal experiences in particular issues. There are answers on various topics: from medical care to education, from financial deals to personal matters.

Mobile Baidu is a search engine which was adapted to the mobile interface. People received an opportunity to access the search via their phones which has considerably facilitated the process of search for them. Baidu WenKu was designed with the purpose to share online documents (“Baidu | Products & Services”). registered users can open and upload their documents in different formats with the help of this platform. Teachers might upload and share some course materials for their students with permission to overview the paper. Therefore, students might not go to the university or school to get the needed information from the course.

Additional Platforms for Baidu User

Search services are not the only ones that are available to the Chinese user. There are also additional platforms which make everyday life much more comfortable. There are Baidu Takeout Delivery, Baidu Wallet, Baidu Maps, and Baidu Cloud. These applications assist customers in finding places, storing private information and use the services of delivery.

Baidu Takeout Delivery is a platform which includes information about restaurants, cafes, and places which do the delivery. The areas are shown on the map and offer to visit the website of the place to find more details on the menu as well as the prices (“Baidu | Products & Services”). Recently, the platform has introduced the delivery of grocery stores, flower places and other. The software of this application updates regularly to maintain up-to-date for the customer’s requirement.

Baidu Wallet is an application which allows the customer to keep the credit card and other payment information online. It works as on the online basis as in an offline regime. People can buy products, takeout delivery and Uber rides with the help of the Wallet. As an online wallet has become increasingly popular among users all over the world, Baidu maintains innovative and modern as well.

Baidu Cloud is similar to Google Drive where people are offered storage to upload photos, documents, and videos. The entire information on the cloud is secured according to the policy, and only the registered users might enter their cloud storages (“Baidu | Products & Services”). It can be accessed via smartphones or PCs based on the user’s preferences. Similar to Baidu WenKu, people can also share the information which was uploaded to the cloud.

In 2013 Baidu has launched a new project named iQiyi and PPS. This is a game platform which has official permission and licensed with the original content. People may watch and download movies and videos on their smart devices and PC (“Baidu | Products & Services”). There is also a premium option for additional content where ad-free videos are streaming. The PPS tool is considered as the largest on the Chinese market of video space.

The internal environment of the corporation builds its success and prosperity. Baidu maintains free and independent competitors on the local market as well as the overseas companies (Costill, Albert). Each employee must follow governmental laws and practices which guarantee moral and ethical relations with customers as well as company-competitors.

Future Perspectives of Baidu

The statistic data shows that for the four months of operating in Indonesia, Baidu was used by more than three million customers. As the Indonesian market grows dramatically, they corporation remain innovative and dominant for the local community. In fact, despite the popularity of the iOS operating system, the Baidu mainly focuses on Android to differentiate from others.

In 2014, Baidu entered the Brazilian market and these days; they are focusing on opening Egypt and Thailand markets (Jackson, Eric). Theus main strategies are concentrated around the mobile business. Since the Baidu PostBar in 2003, the corporation gained much of its success. Microblogs are now highly required by society. Therefore, the CEO of the corporation believes that the key to success for Baidu is developing the platform for mobile business.

The driving force of the corporation is the local team of professional programmers who are now working on some enhancements and bug fixings. The fundamental revolution for Baidu is the application-driven sector of business (Jackson, Eric). Employees are designing more applications to enrich the experience of the user and make their lives more functional. Moreover, they are striving to gain the globe and become one of the most massive search engines in the world- similar to Google or even higher.


All in all, Baidu is the most reliable and accessible Chinese-language search tool which has gained much success since its foundation in 2000. They are mainly concentrating their operations on the mobile business while working hard on developing more applications for the customer. Their most successful products are Baidu Takeout Delivery, Baidu Maps, Cloud, Mobile Baidu, Baidu Wallet, and Baidu PostBar. People around Indonesia got used to the innovative approach of the corporation, and they expect to have more opportunities from the company within the nearest. The strategies and the milestones of the Baidu, driving this business towards the prosperity in the Indonesian marketplace as well as the international.

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