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Mad Max Movie Review

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The Mad World of Fury


In the introduction to the film review, the director’s work demonstrated a clear sense of how the past affects a person in any condition.

Apocalyptic actions of “Mad Max: Fury Road” take place in the furthest reaches of the Earth. The world turned to hell. It is an arid waste land of sand and dust. Humanity is lost, everyone is fighting for himself. There goes Max, the lonely wanderer, who is tormented by the ghosts of his past. He searches for peace of his mind, but suddenly he is abducted by some wild soldiers and falls into a series of unpredictable events…

George Miller set a certain, utterly astonishing tone in the film from the beginning. It is impregnated by fantastically crazy speed, unstoppable dynamics, unrelenting tension, serious danger, and furious madness. Thus, the viewer who watches this film is immersed in the atmosphere created in the movie and, at the same time, receives an adrenaline rush, even through the screen.

Chases, crashes, explosions, battles, futuristic looks of cars, and heroes transform “Mad Max: Fury Road” into the best action movie this decade. But some critics still feel that Fury Road is overly compulsive and senseless in its abuse of high-speed filming, making the movie feel like a computer game.

Some technical information

Year of release – 2015
Country: Australia
Director – George Miller
Genre – Drama
Age – 18+
Cast – Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zoë Kravitz, Abbey Lee, Courtney Eaton

The hard thriller with ear-splitting cacophony and grungy, quasi-Gothic color leaves everyone speechless. Brilliant camera work of genius John Seale and fabulous design of Colin Gibson can not be more appropriate: stunning meager landscapes and the burnt world seem alive and real. Words are not the main point of the apocalyptic chaos. Emotional hopelessness and absence of the characters are fully justified by cruel inhuman circumstances.

Their naked souls contain a surprising amount of depth and strength. Tom Hardy succeeds Mel Gibson in the role of Max and he does it with ease. The way he looks and says, how he drives, fights and shoots a shotgun all scream badass. He is the real hero. But dazzling acting of Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, a smart, fearsome, one-armed rogue soldier, is amazing. Her steely gaze, stoic determination and action chops put Furiosa ahead of all. Charlize Theron creates an extremely strong and very iconic female character.

Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors who conquered me with their acting and views on real life. That is why I was looking forward to how he will show himself in the role of Max Rockatansky. It wasn’t the first time Tom would play a role like this, in which all the antagonisms of the human world had to be shown. Even after the first viewing, he coped well with the role and all the necessary plots. According to critics, Hardy did not become great due to this role, but Hardy was alright in his role. He appeared insecure in the role and, at times, did not pick up a consistent accent; instead, he carried a variation of his character of Bain and Jack Bondurant with him. It wasn’t hard to see that he often had a blank, sometimes even the slightly comical expression on his face during scenes in Fury Road that are meant to be languid. Of course, only some people are as insightful and charismatic as Mel was in the role of Max. Tom Hardy will be able to show up more in this franchise if we can see more sequels with him. This way, the viewer will be able to consider him for the permanent role of Max and perceive him more professionally.


Fury Road is very different from all Mad Max movies. The picture is entirely different, and the fact that a new and famous actor plays the leading role also plays a huge role. While similar techniques and tricks are used to make films, the style of the new film is very different, and the pace itself is much more unstoppable. The universe’s history advances the chase scenes as in previous films; the chase in the Fury Road part is the whole story. I might have thought that this might turn people off, which made me very happy that the film had an 89/100 rating on Metascore at the time. Critics love this Miller creation! It would not be unexpected, but with the world of Mad Max to which we are accustomed, we need to say goodbye and get used to the new era. In conclusion, unequivocally, the new parts of the Mad Max film are still different from the first picture of 1985. Despite this, its plot is still coherent and encourages viewers to empathize while watching. The said film will be great entertainment for the weekend for fans of a story without too much drama and with a lot of action.

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