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Bullying Presentation: Preschool and Early Childhood Bullying

All children sooner or later face bulling: either as a victim, an offender, or as a witness. All of these roles have a devastating effect on a child’s personality. Bulling is not just anger and meanness. It can also be social isolation, which injures as much as verbal aggression. For example, a certain child may be constantly ignored by other children in class or a group. This is unconscious aggressive behavior arising from power imbalances. Bullying tends to repeat and leaves the victim in a state of fear and stress.

Bullying can be accompanied by property damage, theft, physical injury, harassment in the group, and more. But the main danger is the possibility of bringing the victim to a mentally unstable state and inappropriate perception of reality. As a result, it may end in suicide or attacks on classmates.

Bullying may occur in any society, starting with groups of preschoolers and ending with adults. Almost any person who is different from the majority is at risk, and it doesn’t matter exactly how a person differs, as a distinctive feature is not necessarily a negative quality.

In the following bullying presentation, the author discuses whether preschool or early childhood bullying exists. Violence among preschoolers differs from school violence, so the author presents evidence, a definition, examples, effects, the psychology, and solutions for the issue.

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